Junk food attack

Last night after work I stopped at Target to pick up a few essentials. Here’s what happens when I go to buy toilet paper and I am hungry:

Oopsies! Ben & Jerry, where did you come from? Also, did you guys know that those 8-packs of little fun-sized candy are $1? And fyi, Pretzel M&M’s = delicious. At least there is some greek yogurt in there to round out this picture of health.

When I got home, there was a package from Amazon on my doorstep. I thought really hard about what I had ordered, and came up with nothing. I opened up and found the most wonderful surprise from my sister-in-law. Thanks again Omo!

It’s a vegan cookbook she thought I would like full of delicious and healthy recipes! I had an immediate pang of guilt for buying a bunch of junk food, but that didn’t stop me from taste-testing the M&M’s and Butterfingers, you know, quality control and all.

All of my candy sampling paid off this morning when I had an uh-mazing run! I did 10×400 intervals on the treadmill, and I nailed every single one. I felt like I could have kept going forever and ever, but I had to go to work. Boo. Have I mentioned how much I love doing intervals on the treadmill? It makes things go by so much faster than just running the same pace, and I always feel so awesome when I finish.

Tonight I tried out a healthy recipe from my new cook book. It was Butternut Coconut Rice, and it turned out yum city. I added and modified a bit with what I had on hand, but it’s basically brown rice, butternut squash, coconut milk, spices, and I added some canned chickpeas for some extra protein.

I also had a side of roasted broccoli, but I was too embarrassed to show it to you because I burnt it and it was more like broccoli crisps. I still ate it though and pretended it was potato chips.

I will be sure to have some more Pretzel M&M’s tonight and maybe some Chunky Monkey so I have plenty of energy for my run tomorrow. Night!

Do you buy junk food on impulse? How do you resist the temptation?

Usually I am pretty good and don’t buy a lot of candy and junk. But $1? Come on, who can pass that up?



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2 responses to “Junk food attack

  1. I end up buying junk food a lot, at least lately.
    I think it’s a winter thing for me.
    I’ve promised myself now that the chocolate is out of my house that’s the last of it. *crosses fingers*
    I guess I should be thankful that the store with my favorite chocolate happens to be one I rarely go to. Lol.

    Butternut Coconut Rice sounds and looks delicious!

  2. Mom

    I’m impressed that you dove right into the new cookbook. Sounds perfect!