TRON Legacy 3D

I’m going to admit something. TRON Legacy in 3D was actually really cool. Steve was in computer guy fantasy heaven, and I was lovin’ the soundtrack and super-cool look of the movie. The best part was we used a gift certificate so the movie was free. I tried to have Steve take a picture of me in the 3D glasses because I looked so hot, but he was too embarrassed.

I like to pack my own movie treats because I am cheap and the liquid popcorn butter kind of scares me.

A made up some tasty trail mix out of cheerios, Annie’s chocolate graham bunnies, peanut butter pretzels, craisins, mixed nuts, and chocolate covered raisins. The whole bag was gone 10 minutes into the movie.

After the movie we stopped at Best Buy and my hubby bought me this:

A pink iPod Shuffle! My old nano has been on the fritz, and this is what I have been using in my car:

I’m pretty sure it was the first iPod ever made, and it was a hand-me down. It still works sometimes, but I have to do all kind of charging tricks to get it to turn on every day. Now my old nano will go in the car, and I will run with my little pink baby. I typically don’t run with music, except on the treadmill where it is an absolute necessity. The new shuffle allows you to use playlists, which is what I love for my interval workouts. I don’t run with music outside, but I do listen to audiobooks during my long runs, so this will be perfect. Steve got a green one so we can be all cute and matchy matchy.

After Best Buy we hit up Bravo for dinner. We had a buy one get one entertainment book coupon, another score. I ordered a chopped salad and a pizza, half margherita and half verduta, which was roasted asparagus, portobellos, tomatoes and red onions with Fontina and Boursin cheeses finished with fresh basil. It was so good, and I couldn’t decide which pizza flavor I liked more.

There is a gelato store right next to Bravo, so naturally we had to stop for dessert.

Please disregard my grease-slicked hair and focus on the gelato. There are 3 flavors in that little cup: mocha, chocolate berry, and salted caramel. A perfect ending to a tasty meal.

In case you are not in the midwest, we are bracing for a blizzard. I am not happy about the prospect of treadmill running for the next however many weeks until they can get the snow under control. I got new tires on my car today, which were much-needed but I hate hate hate spending money on things like that. Things that are necessary but totally not fun. I could have had 5 new pairs of running shoes instead. On the bright side, I got to leave work a little early, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t propped up on the couch right now watching Oprah, laptop on lap, Runners World magazines next to me. I don’t plan to move until I need food. I never sleep well on Sunday nights for some reason and I always feel drained on Mondays. I am going to bed early tonight so I can kill my treadmill workout tomorrow morning.

Do you run with music? Audiobooks? What is your favorite workout song right now? I need suggestions!


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