Tuesday treadmill playlist

First things first. Go visit The Hungry Runner Girl and enter her giveaway! It involves chocolate and Swedish Fish. Need I say more? Ok, she is also hilarious and cracks me up on a daily basis, and she is my running hero.

This morning I had another Tuesday treadmill interval workout on the schedule. Thank goodness because it is approximately 7 degrees outside right now and “feels like -10.” Today I will reveal to you my secret to successful treadmill intervals. My biggest weapon to get through them is a custom playlist. Yes, I create a new playlist the night before every speed workout, and then in the morning I can’t wait to bust it out on my pretty pink iPod shuffle and get running. Case in point: I always set my alarm for 5:45am when I have a running workout, and I always wake up at least 10 minutes before that because I am so excited. No lie, I’m sick like that.

Now I present to you this morning’s playlist. The workout was as follows:

2 mile warm up, 7×800 w/400 recovery, 2 mile cool down

The key is to match the songs with the intervals, so today I knew I needed 7 songs that would not fail to pump me up, alternated with some more relaxed (but not too slow) songs for the recovery jogs. If I am running longer intervals, I know I need more than one pump-up song to get through each one. Today I knew that each interval would be 3:15-3:25, so one song each would do.

Warm up

1. Sometime Around Midnight – Airborne Toxic Event

2. Viva La Vida – Coldplay

3. Break Even – The Script

4. Eyes Open – Snow Patrol

For the warm up I always start really slow, 6.5 mph or so, and I increase the speed a notch or two every quarter mile until I am about 1 min/mile slower than the first interval.


1. The Time – Black Eyed Peas/Human – Killers

2. Black & Yellow – Wiz Khalifa/Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

3. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons/Major Tom – Shiny Toy Guns

4. Right Round – Flo Rida’/Wicked Game – Giant Drag

5. Hey Baby – Pitbull/Coming Home – Diddy

6. Stronger – Kanye West/You Are the One – Shiny Toy Guns

7. More – Usher

Cool down

1. Roll Away Your Stone – Mumford & Sons

2. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

3. The Adventure Final – Angels & Airwaves

4. Oh – Dave Matthews

And that my friends, is how I get through a 9 mile workout on the treadmill. The intervals were 2 @ 8.8mph, 2 @ 8.9mph, 2 @ 9mph, 1 @ 9.2 mph. All of the recovery jogs were at 6.5 mph. If you are one of those people who wants to die at the thought of setting foot on a treadmill, I urge you to give intervals a try. It really makes the time fly by, and if you are like me you will feel high on life when you are done and be overflowing with energy for the rest of the day!

Treadmill: love it or hate it?



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3 responses to “Tuesday treadmill playlist

  1. Thanks for the link and the sweet words…you made my day!

    KILLER WORKOUT WOMAN…YOU ARE A MACHINE!! I have never even thought of coming up with a playlist for my interval workouts but now I WILL ALWAYS. LOVE the songs, seriously I will probably copy the whole thing! I LOVE the treadmill. I hope it warms ups for you though! Intervals really make the time fly by. Great job gorgeous!

  2. Love the playlist… gonna have to steal some of that for my little pink ipod!

  3. We were talking about audio books and you came to mind. Told my hubby (who is as obsessed with audio books as you are with running) about you. He mentally started putting together the must read list for you and thought you should start with “The Pleasure of My Company” by Steve Martin if you haven’t read it yet. With our little “OCD” conversations, I think you’ll really like it. 😉