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Another Thursday, another treadmill tempo. Today’s workout was a 1.5 mile warm up, 6 miles at tempo pace (7:30-7:40/mile), and a 1.5 mile cool down, for a total of 9 miles. Once again, the Black Eyed Peas got me through. When I got to the gym this morning and put on my running shoes, I thought to myself that I should probably cut my toenails soon. Well lo and behold, I took my shoes off after running to reveal a bloody sock. It didn’t hurt while I was running, so that was good, but note to self to trim those babies before my next run.

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite running gear with you. I love getting new running gear, which is probably why I live in workout clothes and never have anything to wear in real life situations. Let’s start with shoes, shall we?

The Saucony Kinvaras have been my favorite shoes ever since I purchased them last summer. They are super-light and somewhat of a minimalist shoe. When I bought them I figured I would use them mainly for racing, but they are now my every day training shoe. They only have a 4mm drop from heel to toe, so they have really helped me transition to more of a mid-foot landing. I feel these shoes, along with working on increasing my turnover has kept my hamstring/knee injury at bay.

However, I cannot wear the Kinvaras outside in the winter because there is literally nothing to them. So my favorite trail shoes double as my winter trainers.

Enter the Brooks Cascadia. I love these trail shoes because they feel like a road shoe. I can’t stand having anything heavy or clunky on my feet, so these are perfect. I ran a trail 50k through the mud in these last year with no problems. They have enough tread and protection to run through the snow without feeling like bricks on my feet.

The single best thing I purchased for cold weather running this winter is the Nike Pro Combat Thermal Shirt. It is tight-fitting and thick, and the inside is a super-soft brushed fleece. I can wear this  shirt with just a thin jacket over when it is 20 degrees or above. It’s so cozy and comfy.

I have two pairs of these Under Armour running capris, both of which I scored on clearance. I run in capris on the treadmill all the time, and outside if it is 40 or above. These are really basic, but they fit well and have a small zipper pocket in the back.

The North Fave Dyn-O-Mite Tank is my absolute favorite workout tank ever. I got this on super-clearance and I have been looking for a deal on another one ever since. It has a built-in bra which is great if you are flat like me and don’t need lock-and-load support. It fits perfectly and is long enough for my freakishly lengthy torso. No, I am not tall (I’m only 5’4″). I have a long torso and monkey arms, along with tree-stump midget legs. It’s awesome.

My pink iPod shuffle. I’ve had this for less than two weeks, but I love it so far. It’s so tiny and perfect for running. I load it up with a playlist before each run and I’m good to go. Now if only I could find some headphones that would work with my ears. I cannot wear ear buds because they just fall out of my apparently deformed ear canals, so I am stuck with my 90’s style over the head ear phones that clog with sweat so I can barely hear my favorite songs towards the end of a tough workout. Not cool.

I got these CEP compression socks last year and I wear them after all of my long runs. I am convinced that they help my legs recover faster. It may or may not be all in my head, but they feel good on my calves and they are hot pink, so I wear them. By the way, everything I am showing you is in the actual color that I own. Clearly I am obsessed with hot pink and bright colors. I’m not so much a fan of pink pink, it has to be hot.

These pants are not really running gear, but I am obsessed with them so I am including them in my list. I received the North Face Mossbud fleece pants for Christmas and I have not taken them off since. I have literally worn them every single day since December 24th. The moment I get home I change out of my comfy athletic pants that I wear to work and into this little piece of heaven. They are the softest fleece in existence, and they are so incredibly warm it is like being wrapped in a blanket at all times. I also have a Mossbud fleece top and live in both items whenever I am at home. I am wearing them now.

So there you have my current favorites! Tomorrow is a rest day which I am kind of glad about because I have felt absolutely wiped all day. After dinner all I could do was lay on the couch watching HGTV until I had enough energy to get up and retrieve my laptop from the table that is five feet away. Now I am watching Man vs. Food and it’s like a train wreck. So disgusting yet I can’t.look.away.

Do you watch Man vs. Food?

What is your absolute can’t live without piece of running/workout gear?



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3 responses to “Gear I love

  1. Ah! This post was like runners porn. I LOVE EVERYTHING. I’ve been wanting to try the Kinvaras forever. And the Cascadias! I love them! I also have the hot pink CEPs. Also in black. And the calf sleeve version. 🙂 Oh sigh. Love.

  2. Thank you for sharing your gear favorites!! I am always looking for the best products both wear and tear wise.

    Are you kidding me, I LOVE ADAM! But, I want him to eat a salad sometimes–what are his arteries like after all those challenges?!!!

  3. Ha, I love man vs. food!! I have the same ipod as you. K, I want to go buy all the stuff you recommended…SO CUTE!! Have a great weekend!