Crackin’ the coconut

Friday afternoon I stopped at Kohl’s Department Store because I had a gift certificate to use up along with a coupon. I found some cute birthday presents for two of my little cousins, and then browsed the kitchen department to find something fun for myself. I ended up with a rolling pin and two silicone baking mats. How exciting, right!? So naturally I had to test out the baking mats yesterday with some peanut butter cookies.

The verdict? Love the baking mat! And the cookies were pretty darn good too. I am also very excited about the possibilities for my rolling pin. Can you believe I have never owned one before? On the agenda for this week is definitely some homemade crackers.

I won’t bore you with the details of my running this weekend because I have more important things to share. I had two great runs (13 miles on Saturday morning and 10 miles on Sunday). Luckily I was up early this morning and finished my run before this happened:

Just when all the snow had melted and I enjoyed two glorious runs on dry paths and sidewalks. Dear Mother Nature, I hate you right now. Sincerely, Laura

Since the yucky slushy snow had me dreaming of the tropics, I decided there was no better time than the present to crack open some coconutty goodness.

I could hardly contain my excitement.

I let Steve take care of the manly tasks involving hammers and nails. He hammered in two holes so we could drain out the water.

I couldn’t believe how much liquid was in there. It ended up being two full cups.

Then I had to try it. Did you know some people just lop off the top of the coconut and stick a straw in to suck out the water?

Here’s what it tasted like:

Blech. It was nasty pants. A while back I bought a can of coconut water from the store and it tasted awful. I thought surely it must taste better straight from the source. Wrong.

Then it was time to crack the sucker open. Again, I left this part to Steve for fear of causing bodily injury. Please don’t look at the messy counter or pile of dishes in the background.


Removing the flesh was kind of tricky and involved prying with a knife. I left this part to Steve as well. Hmm…I guess Steve really did most all of the work here. After much prying and cracking, we had a plate full of coconut meat. It tasted better than the water for sure, but not quite as great as I thought it would.

See how there’s still some brown stuff on the outside of the pieces? My wonderful husband peeled the back of each piece with a potato peeler for me while I snacked on peanut butter pretzels. Now that’s love.

Then came the question of what to do with it all. I decided to freeze a few chunks whole for future use in a smoothie, then I threw everything else in the Vitamix including the water.

After a few minutes I had a bunch of creamy coconut mush for lack of a better term. All mixed up it tasted delicious.

It made about four cups, which is now sitting in the fridge.

Steve was running to the grocery store, so I asked him to pick up some pineapple, bananas, and a mango. I am having visions of the best tropical smoothie ever for breakfast tomorrow. I also think the creamy coconut mush might be good as a soup base, so I’m going to look into that as well.

So there you have it. Now I am off to look up tropical vacations that we will never go on just to torture myself. Summer, are you here yet?

Do you like coconut? Have you ever bought a whole one?



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3 responses to “Crackin’ the coconut

  1. Love coconut, but never bought a whole one – so your story has been interesting with it! 🙂
    So glad I’m just south of you enough to miss that fresh snow! I love having clean sidewalks finally!

  2. Mom

    Looks like a good project for a snowy, icy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy your Smoothie!

  3. I wondered how coconut water tasted! It’s supposed to be so good for you right–but it tastes like poo?!

    You are super resourceful and I am looking forward to copying your smoothie recipes!!