Gut feelings

My week has gotten away from me. I have been working on a video project all week that has sucked up all of my blogging time while simultaneously turning my brain to mush. I have been enjoying a coconut smoothie every morning, and I still have quite a bit of coconut paste left. I am starting to have visions of coconut banana bread. The smoothie I made on Tuesday was the bomb diggity, and I made a variation of the exact same thing for three days straight.

Oh yes, I broke out the hershey’s special dark cocoa powder. Tuesday’s smoothie contained almond milk, chobani cherry greek yogurt (protein!), coconut paste, frozen banana, frozen berries, and some spinach that eluded the above photo.

All mixed up into a chocolatey concoction.

Mmmmm. Chocolate cherry coconut, is there a better combo?

I had the small glass before my killer treadmill interval workout, and the big one was slurped up post-run on the way to work.

Don’t worry, snapping a self-portrait while driving on the freeway in traffic in the snow and drinking a smoothie is in no way dangerous. My camera hand was on the wheel the whole time.

Yesterday and today I recreated the same smoothie, except sans greek yogurt because the chob is pricey and I would rather eat it straight up. I added some peanut flour for protein instead and it was yumtastic. I kind of wish I didn’t just say that.

Ok, I need to tell you guys about my run this morning. I had a tempo on the schedule, specifically a treadmill tempo sandwich as I like to call it. That would be a 2 mile warm up, 3 miles at tempo pace, and a 2 mile cool down to make a nice little breakfast sandwich. When I woke up this morning I was highly unmotivated, and I convinced myself that this workout wasn’t going to happen. My legs were still a little sore from the 10 lunges and squats I did on Monday (yes, really), coupled with a killer 12×400 interval workout on Tuesday and a 6 mile jaunt through the slushy snow yesterday.

I made a deal with myself that I would go and do the warm up, and if my gut was telling me that today was not a tempo day, I could bag it and cross train on the elliptical. After all, I listen to my gut when it tells me to feed it a half a pint of chubby hubby and a peanut butter cookie, so why should my gut feeling during a workout be any different? I pretty much resigned myself to the elliptical scenario before I even started.

Then something happened. As I warmed up, I felt ok. I nudged up the speed bit by bit, and I felt ok. I made a new deal that once I hit two miles I would try tempo pace. If I wasn’t feeling it, I could stop. So I cranked up the speed to a 7:03 pace. Guess what? It felt ok. I played mind games and didn’t allow myself to look at the display until 4 songs had passed. By the time I looked I only had 3/4 of a mile to go at tempo pace. Though my legs were a little more fatigued than normal, I still felt ok. Before I knew it, time was up. I cranked the speed down to goal marathon pace (8:00) and ran it out for two more miles before I cooled down. An hour had gone by, and I still felt ok.

What is the point of this long-winded story? It is important to listen to your gut when it tells you your body needs a break (and also when it tells you to feed it cereal and chocolate for dinner). But it is important to listen even more closely when it is your mind telling you you’re not going to accomplish what you set out to do. Though my mind wasn’t in it today and would have ditched this run before it even started, my gut knew that my body could do it. Now I have the confidence boost that comes from knowing I can still hit goal paces during a workout on less-than-fresh legs. Win!

Right now my gut wants salad and hummus with peanut butter pretzels. Who am I to argue?


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  1. Great smoothie creations!!!!! Your tempo kicked my tempo’s arse!! NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!! Your gut-check worked out well!

    You can NEVER go wrong with PB pretzels. Ever.