Brick weekend recap

Oh Monday, you always seem to come too soon. I was too busy enjoying my weekend to blog about it, so I will do one big recap today of the highlights.

I woke up Saturday morning to see a nasty layer of snowy ice covering the land. It rained all day Friday then snowed overnight, so you can imagine the conditions. I quickly decided that 15 miles would not be happening outside. I have had one too many icy runs this winter, and I am no longer willing to suffer through a long run that feels like I am running on a skating rink. This left the question of what to do instead. I really wasn’t feeling such a long treadmill run, so I decided to mix things up a bit. Since this was a cut-back in running mileage week, I didn’t feel bad about not running the full 15. I opted for a 60 min spin class (and it kicked my butt!) before hopping on the treadmill for 9 easy miles. I figured 60 min spin + 9 mile run = 15 mile run. Sort of. It was a great workout especially since I am trying to incorporate more biking into my schedule.

Saturday night was uneventful and involved Panera and Netflix. My kind of night!

Sunday morning the icy sidewalk situation did not look much better. I headed to the Y once again for spin class. Cycling three days in a row? Who am I?!? It was another booty-kickin’ class with lots and lots of climbing. My legs were pretty trashed after class, but I felt like running, so I hit the indoor track (6 laps/mile) for an easy four miles. I guess I can call this the weekend of the brick workout. It felt great to mix things up a bit, and now I am ready to ramp up the running hard for the next three weeks. Boston, I will be ready for you.

Sunday night we had plans to go out to dinner and then to a play with my mom and Joe. They came over around 4:30 and we walked over to Crisp, a pizza place near our condo. I had a groupon just waiting to be used on doughy cheezy deliciousness. Upon arrival we were informed that it was $5 bloody mary day. Yes please!

It was pretty much an appetizer in a glass, just the way I like it. On the skewer was a pickle, a hot pepper, a pickled mushroom, some sort of crunchy sweet onion, pickled asparagus, and pepper jack cheese. I guess I didn’t need to order dinner.

Mom & Joe:

For dinner I started with a build your own salad with mixed greens, strawberries, chick peas, pea pods, and oil & vinegar dressing. Then it was on to the pizza. I ordered the Saffron Chili White Caribbean Shrimp Pizza, which was peanut, coconut curry sauce, cilantro, carrot, and red onion.

Sorry about the bad lighting, but you’ll just have to trust me that this was super-tasty. I finished off half of it and shared the rest.

My mom decided that she would like a delicate sprinkling of parmesan cheese on her slice.

Woopsies! Looks like someone pulled the old “top off the salt (cheese) shaker” trick! Mom, would you like some pizza with your cheese?

After dinner we headed to the play. I’m not going to say much about it because frankly it was boring. Granted I am usually much more of a musical person than a play person, but this one was very slow. Oh well, at least the tickets were 50% off.

Steve and I topped off our Sunday night with an episode of Modern Family and some banana chocolate chip cake topped with Ben & Jerry’s. That second part was actually just me.

What is your favorite kind of pizza?


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