20 miles and a burrito bowl

Originally my 20-miler was scheduled for Saturday. Today ended up being so beautiful outside that I just had to take advantage of the weather. Not to mention tomorrow is supposed to be cold and very windy, no thank you. I only had a half-day of work today, so I decided to tackle my long run this afternoon in the 45 degree sunshine. I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel since I ran pretty hard yesterday, but I decided to go for it anyways. I loaded up a new audio book on my ipod and headed out.

The first half of the run was not so good. My legs felt heavy and I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Six miles in I came upon a little park building that I usually stop at for water. It was locked. I almost started crying. I had no water with me (dumb) because I was counting on the building being open. I thought for a minute about what to do and almost turned back, but then I got an idea. A couple of miles up the road there is a bike shop. I ran there and begged for a cup of water. They kindly gave me one, and I was very grateful. I also took a Hammer gel (espresso flavor!) before I continued on to the second half of the run.

As I started back up, I was feeling pretty negative about the fact that I had 10 miles to go. Then out of nowhere I started to pick up the pace. I suddenly felt really good and was able to finish out the run strong. I don’t normally post splits, but I think it’s cool how you can see exactly where I started to feel good half way through the run. So here they are: 9:16, 8:59, 8:56, 8:58, 8:58, 9:01, 9:07, 8:58, 8:50, 8:58, 8:48, 8:49, 8:36, 8:45, 8:29, 8:19, 8:16, 8:10, 8:22, 8:26. The total run was 20.21 miles in 2:55:03. For running on tired legs, I am happy with how it went! And the best part is that now I have the whole weekend ahead of me and my long run is done.

During my run I was craving a Chipotle burrito bowl in a major way. I called Steve when I got home to ask if he wanted to pick up Chipotle for dinner. He wasn’t feelin’ it, but said he would stop there for me. I thought about it, and then realized that I had all of the ingredients here to make a homemade burrito bowl. I started by cooking some brown rice, then sauteed some garlic, onions, and red pepper. To that I added black beans, cumin and cayenne pepper. I also threw some kale in the oven for kale chips. Once it was done it was time to assemble my bowl.

First up, rice.

Next step, peppers, onions and beans.

Topped with half a jar of salsa and a mound of guacamole.

And a side of kale chips.

And also a side of beer. Mmmm.

I proceeded to plop down on the couch and devour this bowl while watching Desperate Housewives. Perfect. It was so tasty, the only part that would have been better at Chipotle was the guac. Chipotle guac = deliciousness.

I pretty much don’t plan to leave the couch for the rest of the night, unless it is for dessert. Netflix to the rescue!

Do you ever recreate restaurant meals at home?



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  1. Was it as good as Chipotle?