Chocolate thunder

Sunday morning I slept in until 7:51! Go me! Then I realized it was only because of the time change and I was in fact waking up at my usual ridiculously early hour on a Sunday. Oh well. I gobbled up a slice of cinnamon raisin toast with pb, honey, banana slices, and cinnamon (and coffee, obviously) before heading out to run. After my Friday afternoon 20 miler, I took it easy with a 60 min spin class on Saturday, and my legs were still a little stiff when I woke up on Sunday. I hoped to get in 10-13 easy miles.

The first few miles my legs were feeling a little tired, as expected. But as I kept going, I realized I was feeling absolutely amazing! The sun was shining, I was engrossed in my audiobook, and all was right with the world. I ended up running 15 and would have gone further, except I didn’t have any water or fuel with me and I didn’t want to over do it. It is runs like this that I live for.

My left knee is feeling a little cranky today, but hopefully I will be as good as new after giving the old leggies a rest today. Tonight will mark the inaugural swim in the saline pool at Gold’s Gym. Steve and I have a swimming date. Awwww. So dorky, I know. We have never swam (swum?) together before and I hope he isn’t faster than me.

Back to Sunday and the most important part of this post. We enjoyed dinner at Panera for the second week in a row (classic salad & black bean soup), but that is not as important as what happened afterwards.

Kopp’s frozen Custard!! I am sorry to say that if you are not from Wisconsin I don’t think you can understand the importance and udder deliciousness that is frozen custard. Here in the dairy state, we do not do fro-yo. We do frozen custard. The flavor was Chocolate Thunder. Light chocolate custard, candied pecan clusters, whole pecans, chocolate flakes, fudge, & pastry chunks. Oh yes. It was every bit as out of control as you might imagine. I also helped Steve finish his hot fudge Sunday because I am a good wife. Then when we got home Steve rubbed my tired legs because he is a good husband. See? It’s all about the giving. I have to say it was the best possible way to end the weekend!

Have you ever tried frozen custard? Is it common where you live?





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4 responses to “Chocolate thunder

  1. Kopp’s rocks!! I dated a guy from Milwaukee once and he took me there on every visit to his hometown. I am a true ice cream expert… and Kopp’s frozen yogurt definitely passes the test!!

  2. I have not tried custard–I’m a Nebraska girl too.

    YOu had an amazing weekend of running!! I hve been considering audiobooks for long runs and it looks like you have had considerable success!

    Hope you had a great swim date!!!!

  3. I LOVE your workouts. Finally someone who hates to rest 😉

  4. cara vigneau

    mmm – kopps – that used to be my favorite post long run meal. I have nothing better to do than stalk your blog now – you’ve been doing a great job keeping it up lately! I keep thinking maybe one day I’ll start my own blog. Maybe one day.