Hills & parsnips

First off, I didn’t have time to post last night because I was too busy killing my kill workout. It was funny, on the way home from work I completely talked myself out of running. I had a million excuses as to why it would not go well. I was tired. I hate running at night. I ate too much for lunch. My knee might hurt. I’ll just do it in the morning. Pass the M&M’s. Etc.

However, it was 64 degrees outside when I arrived home and I realized it would be ridiculous to waste a warm night not running. I decided I would at least just go for an easy run. Once I got going, a funny thing happened as it often does in these situations. I felt great!

I knew I had to at least try the hill workout. I ran just under 2 miles to get to the hill as my warmup. This particular hill is about a quarter-mile long, and it’s fairly steep. I cranked up some tunes and got to work. I ran up hard and jogged down three times. After the third uphill, I jogged around at the top and then hit a hard interval down. Hal Higdon suggests that when running hill repeats while training for Boston, you should run one downhill interval for every three up. After that I repeated the process with three more up and one down. Around number five I almost lost my lunch. It was hard, but I could almost feel myself getting stronger. I am going to try incorporating a hill workout every week between now and Boston. I can’t believe it’s less than 5 weeks away!

I ran a loop of about three miles to get home at a pretty speedy clip as well. When I finished I felt like a rock star for going out and getting it done. Steve and I were invited out for green beer in honor of St. Patty’s day, but neither of us felt like it after running. Steve did a tempo run while I was running hills so we were both pretty wiped out and looking forward to an evening on the couch. Instead of green beer, I celebrated with a very green smoothie.

Almond milk, banana, vanilla chai flavored Vega (posting about this soon), spinach, mango, and frozen peaches. So delicious after a hard run!

Today was a rest day running-wise, which worked out because my brother Mike flew in today from Philly! We were supposed to meet for lunch, but his flight was delayed (something about shutting down the airport for the Vice President, whatever). We still met for a very late lunch, more of a lupper if you will.

We went to INdustri Cafe in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood. It was my first time there, and I had a Groupon to use. We both ordered an IPA from Milwaukee Brewing Co, which is apparently located across the street from the restaurant. To start we were brought bread sticks with two different types of flavored butter, one was spinach, garlic and artichoke, and the other was cinnamon caramel. Both were tasty.

We are both incapable of taking a non-cheezy normal picture. It runs in the family. For my entrée I ordered the Waldorf Salad: greek yogurt. dried door county cherries. tart apples. walnuts. barley. mint. hydroponic frisée

Reading the description again now I don’t know why I was surprised when it was not a big green salad.

It was very good, and filling. I had to bring some home for later. On the side I got maple baked acorn squash with cherries and walnuts.

Oh, and butter. Just a little bit of butter 🙂 It was out of this world.

Mike and I ended up sitting at the restaurant for two and a half hours chatting and catching up, so naturally we eventually had to order dessert. This picture speaks for itself.

It may look like carrot cake, but it is actually parsnip cake! I couldn’t wait to dig in.

It was very similar to carrot cake and the flavor was amazing. I can’t even describe how good it was, so you will just have to imagine.

I am so excited to have my brother here for the whole weekend! Unfortunately my sister-in-law had to stay home and study, but I will get to hang out with Mike tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow we are having dinner with my dad, and Sunday is a big party for my grandma’s 75th birthday. It’s going to be a jam-packed weekend, and I can’t wait!

What are your weekend plans?

Have you ever tried a parsnip?

I have had them roasted before, but not in a sweet setting. I may have to attempt baking with one soon though.



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  2. omols

    Aww so sad I’m not there! That guy you had lupper with is kinda cute… 🙂

    I’ve recently used parsnips in the quinoa white bean stew and the broccoli soup from AFR!