TNT coaching weekend

I am finally getting a chance to post about the amazing weekend I had at the Team in Training Triathlon Coaches certification in Washington DC. I got back on Sunday night and have been playing catch-up with work, sleep, and everything else.

As I mentioned, the course was taught by Dave Scott. Dave is a six-time Ironman World Champion (he won his first Kona in 1980), and one of the nicest, coolest people ever. His passion for teaching and coaching is apparent, and it was a true pleasure learning from “the man.” We covered an incredible amount of information in only two days, and it went by in kind of a blur. Highlights included running down towards the DC Mall on Saturday to an open grassy field to practice running drills. On the way back I got to run and chat with Dave. Now we’re obviously best friends.

What did you do on Saturday? Oh not much, just went for a run with six-time Ironman world champion Dave Scott. You know, no big deal. I’m still kind of geeking out just thinking about it.

Sunday we walked to the local YMCA to learn how to coach swimming. Swimming is my nemesis, so I was hoping to learn some things that would help my own pathetic stroke. We did practice a few drills and learned how to anaylize someone’s stroke, but to be honest I still feel slightly clueless about swimming. I had a really hard time spotting the things we were looking for in our partner’s swimming, but I suppose I will get there eventually.

We covered many topics such as training periodization, marker sets, nutrition, relating to the athletes, strength exercises, and much more. It would have been nice to have at least another day, because there was so much to go over. By Sunday afternoon I was on information overload as I sat in the cab on the way to the airport. Of course I had to get a picture of me with Dave before I left.

I am excited to start coaching for the fall season in the next few months. TNT will soon start recruiting for the Chicago Triathlon that takes place at the end of August. I am going to have a full plate this summer between working, coaching, and training for Ironman. I am a little tired just thinkin about it, but I know it will be great!



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2 responses to “TNT coaching weekend

  1. Mom

    Glad your weekend went well. Sounds like you packed a lot in!

  2. I’ll admit it, I’m jealous. What a cool experience! I keep wanting to involved with TNT, especially coaching, but have yet to commit.

    Oh, and DC is beautiful this time of year!! 🙂