Will run for cupcakes (duh!)

It has been rainy and dreary pretty much all week. These April showers better result in green grass and bountiful May flowers.

Not much is new on the running front. Oh taper, it’s such a love/hate relationship we have. I did my last tempo run Thursday morning and rocked it’s socks off. It started off slow, real slow. I’m not sure I was even completely awake for the first mile. But after a proper two-mile warm up I was ready to rock. Instead of going balls to the wall right away, I ended up with sort of a progressive 5 mile tempo run before I cooled down for the last two miles. Splits were 9:18, 8:48, 7:42, 7:38, 7:26, 7:12, 7:03, 8:06, 8:04 for a total of 9.4 miles in 1:14:33. I am always impressed with myself when I manage to run each mile faster than the last. I made sure to reward myself with Starbucks and plenty of chocolate, and also patted myself on the back.

For Christmas, my mom gave Steve and I a gift certificate for RoadID so we can be a little safer while out running and biking. Four months later I managed to finally order them, and the little beauties came in the mail this week. In case you are unfamiliar, RoadID has your emergency contact and medical information should you have an accident and need emergency assistance while out on the road. We both opted for the Wrist ID Elite because it looked to be the nicest and most comfortable. I used to have the Shoe ID version, which was obviously the most comfortable because it just velcros to your shoelaces. However, I have since realized that in the case of an accident, especially on the bike, you may not end up in your shoes and then it’s kind of pointless. Steve works for an ambulance company, so he checked with the EMT’s and paramedics, and they confirmed that the wrist would be the first spot they check for ID/medical info.

I got pink, obviously.

Of course I put my name, city, Steve and my Dad for emergency contacts, and that I have no medical history and no known allergies. The most important line of info however, can be found at the bottom. If I am ever in an accident and can’t speak for myself, I want to rest assured that my love for cupcakes is known by all. I will run for them, indeed. In fact, maybe I should have put that on the top line in bold. WILL RUN FOR CUPCAKES!

If you don’t have one, you can use coupon code “ThanksLaura4943416” for $1 off your very own RoadID.

Do you wear a RoadID?

What would you put on the bottom line? A quote? An amazing fact about yourself?



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2 responses to “Will run for cupcakes (duh!)

  1. omg, I wear the shoe type and never even thought that my shoes might not be on my feet in an accident. I love your pink band!! Perhaps someday I’ll upgrade and follow your lead. 🙂

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