Off to Boston

Suitcase packed? Check.

Does anyone else hate packing as much as I do? I love to travel, but packing is my nemesis. True story: I procrastinated packing last night by scrubbing the kitchen sink and cleaning the top of the stove. This carry on suitcase took me approximately 2.5 hours to pack. What is wrong with me?

Reading material? Check.

Last weekend I hit up Borders going out of business sale and all of the books were 80% off! I got these for like $3-$4 each. I will also be catching up on Runners World and Running Times on the plane. Gotta get even more psyched for running!

Snacks? Check.

A variety of bars is a requirement. Don’t worry, I did not forget my peanut butter packets. I just had to pack them and my race gels in with my toiletries in a quart sized bag. I would not be able to take it if TSA confiscated my pb, so better safe than sorry.

Race day weather check?

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I *think* this is a tailwind according to the course map. If my calculations are correct, could it be more perfect?

I am hoping to have internet access throughout the weekend so I can keep you all updated. It sunk in yesterday morning that I am running the Boston Marathon on Monday…(!!!)

Off to the airport!



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5 responses to “Off to Boston

  1. Mom

    As a luggage lover, I’d thought you’d enjoy packing!

  2. Beth

    Good luck! Hope you do awesome on Monday!

  3. Sue Conley

    Good luck Laura, we’ll be thinking about you. Have a great time!

  4. I just started following your blog the other week and I’ve been enjoying it! I wish you many blessing on the trip and the run!