Boston day 1

Yesterday was my biggest page view day ever here on the old blog. THANK YOU everyone for your support! It means the world to me!

We arrived in Boston on time (imagine that), and were greeted with friendly signs at the airport.

Instead of hopping in a cab, we decided to take the subway (aka the “T”) to get to our hotel. We purchased our “Charlie Cards” and hopped on the blue line. After a few stops we had to switch to the green line. Don’t I sound like a pro already?

Turns out we got on the slightly wrong green line (wrong letter), and when we got off we were at Fenway Park. The Red Sox were playing and the whole area was super crowded. We ended up walking about a mile to the hotel, not too bad except it was COLD and WINDY yesterday. We got checked in, had a quick lunch at the hotel restaurant, and headed  to the race expo. Once again we needed the green line, and after walking to a closer T station, we hopped on board. After  several stops, we found we were headed in the wrong direction. No matter, we rode the sucker to the end of the line and got a scenic tour of parts of the city before the train turned around and took us in the right direction.

We finally made it to the expo, and first on the list was number pick up. This was pretty quick with no lines.

After that it was race shirt pick up, also quick, and then we headed into the expo. I do not have pictures of this portion of the day because it was do or die. I cannot even explain how crowded it was in the Adidas official merchandise area. It was like sardines, you couldn’t even get to the racks. After much jostling around, I ended up with a pair of running capris and a sweatshirt. The one jacket and the one t-shirt I wanted were all out in my size, so I may have to order at least the t-shirt online. We made half a lap around the rest of the booths, got some smoothie and power bar samples, and decided that was enough.

We then met up with my brother Mike at Fenuil Hall Marketplace, which is kind of a touristy indoor/outdoor shopping and eating area. We walked around for a bit, got mochas at Starbucks (did I mention it was COLD and WINDY?), looked around in a few shops, and then decided it was time for dinner. After failed attempts to eat at Legal Sea Foods and another restaurant that had a 90 min wait, we walked to the North End, which is Boston’s Little Italy. We found a restaurant that had a 30 min wait and ordered a bottle of wine at the bar. Mike was all about the swirling of the wine.

It was so nice to sit down after walking around in the cold for so long.

We were seated at a table and had a nice Italian dinner. I wasn’t too hungry, so I ordered a garden salad and a mushroom, polenta, and fontina cheese appetizer for my meal. I was so glad I did this because the dinner portions were huge. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and pretty much crashed.

I slept in until 8:15 this morning, which is unheard of. I guess I was truly exhausted last night. I have already been out to Starbucks for coffee, and am currently waiting for Steve and James to wake up so we can go for a short shake-out run. It is considerably warmer today already, thank goodness. I think the plan is run, breakfast, then meet up with Mike while James goes to the Red Sox game. Mike is participating in some sort of “burger relay” later today with his old fraternity brothers at MIT. I suspect it is not to be missed.

More updated and pictures later!



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8 responses to “Boston day 1

  1. Mom

    Looks like a good start to the weekend. I’m sure you’ll be sad that you missed snow here yesterday afternoon. It’s a balmy 35 right now. Enjoy your prerace day and say Hi to Mike.

  2. Kelly Hannan

    Good luck!

  3. omols

    Wish I was there! Good luck tomorrow!

  4. I am so so happy you slept in!! Girl, you are SO SO GORGEOUS!! I am so happy you got there on time and everything is going perfectly so far. I am going to live through you okay and you better believe we are going to meet up one day…whether you like it or not:)

  5. Good luck tomorrow!!!! So exciting!

  6. Good luck tomorrow, lady! Congrats already because I know you are going to kick major tail. Enjoy the experience while you are at it!!

  7. Amy

    Have a great time and maybe you will bump into Rachel Ray!

  8. Sue Conley

    Sounds like you are having a great time!