Boston day 2

I am still trying to gather my thoughts about the marathon, but in the meantime, please enjoy a recap of Sunday, day 2 in Boston. After sleeping in, we headed out for an easy 2 mile run just to keep the legs loose. It was really nice out in the morning, so we were hoping for a beautiful day. After the quick run, it was time for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. I had a waffle with banana and strawberry slices, and one poached egg on the side.


Please pardon my face here, I was really excited about the waffle. It was delicious.

Next we hung out in the hotel room for a little bit, and it started to rain outside. Luckily the rain was short-lived, but it became slightly chilly. James left to go to the Red Sox game, and Steve and I stopped back at the race expo to run in and buy a hat that I wanted. While we were there I found another sweatshirt that I couldn’t resist.

By the time we finished at the expo (after several free samples of various products) we had to high-tail it to the MIT campus to watch my brother compete in a burger relay. Yes, burger relay. He was part of an alumni team with his old fraternity brothers. Each racer had to run a lap around the track, scarf a cheeseburger, and run another lap around the track. There were four racers on each team for a total of 2 miles and 4 cheeseburgers. Here’s a pic of Steve and myself waiting for the race to start.

We had to wait around for a while because Mike was in the third heat. The race was entertaining and disgusting all at the same time. The racers looked pretty rough after their second lap with a stomach full of cheeseburger. Finally it was Mike’s turn to race.

He opted to go bare-chested for aerodynamics. He made his way around the track pretty quickly and it was on to the burger.

He had a really hard time with the first few bites because he couldn’t breath heavily and eat at the same time. Before long he got into a pretty good rhythm.

All gone!

Mike looked a little uncomfortable as he came in for the tag-off after his second lap. His total time was just under 5 minutes, pretty impressive if you ask me.

Thank goodness that’s over.

Unfortunately Mike’s team did not win the race. He declared it the first and last time he would compete in such an event. By the time the race was over, I was freezing and had a headache. It looks like it was really warm outside, but there was a chilly wind and we were outside for so long I was actually shivering. We found some couches in the MIT student center where we just hung out until it was time for dinner.

We went to a pizza/Italian restaurant near MIT. Despite the burger relay, Mike found his appetite for pizza.

I had margherita pizza for my pre-race dinner. The pizza was very good, but dinner ended up being a bust because Steve never got his fettuccine alfredo. Apparently the kitchen was so screwed up that they couldn’t even manage to boil noodles. The waitress felt terrible and offered to make him a pizza, but by then everyone else was done eating. It was totally ridiculous and unacceptable, but she did take a large pizza and Steve’s drinks off the bill. He ended up ordering room service back at the hotel, poor guy.

After dinner all I did was lay out my race stuff for the next morning and watch TV until I fell asleep. Stay tuned for the race recap tomorrow!


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  1. Kelly Hannan

    I laughed my ass off at those pictures of Mike at the burger race!