Boston post-race

This will be the last post about Boston, I swear. After the race it took quite a while to retrieve my checked bag and meet up with Steve and Mike. There was a family reunite area that was organized by letter. However, it was in the middle of a city block and was incredibly crowded and hard to move. Once we met up with Steve and Mike, we dealt with a huge cluster of people trying to get to the T. Eventually we made it back to the hotel where this immediately happened:

That Samuel Adams IPA was so delicious that I got another one to take up to the room. Gotta replenish those carbs!

The other reason I needed another one:

Normally I do not do ice baths. Ever. However, I knew that my quads took a real beating during the race, and knowing that I would be running another marathon in less than 3 weeks, I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to promote recovery.

How was it you may be wondering? It was cold. So cold my feet were hurting pretty bad. I managed to stick it out for 15 minutes. I followed my ice bath immediately with a scalding hot shower, after which I was still shivering.

James wanted steak for dinner, so we went to Flemming’s.

I got a salmon salad that was actually quite good.

The smorgasbord included roasted potatoes, mini peppers, asparagus, deviled eggs, and shredded lettuce with a delicious tangy sauce. Pretty random, pretty tasty. The point of this meal for me was really just to ingest nutritious food before dessert.

Before Mike left to fly back home to Philly, he recommended we go to a place called Finale for dessert. You guys, it was a gourmet dessert restaurant! Obviously I ordered the biggest and most diverse option on the menu, the 9 piece dessert sampler with a side of molten chocolate lava cake.


Sorry about the poor lighting, but I will give you a tour starting with the top left. Brownie ice cream sundae, crème brule,  chocolate whoopie pies, pumpkin cake, chocolate tower, mango & berry sorbet in a homemade crispy bowl, apple cranberry pie, boston crème, and cheesecake in the middle.

Aaaaannnnd…the chocolate lava cake with a side of espresso ice cream and candied walnuts:

I am not kidding when I tell you that lava cake was in the top 5 things I’ve ever eaten. For real.

Let’s just say I ate until I felt ill and it was worth every bite. I could barely stand up and walk by the time we left. And with that, my glycogen stores were replenished.

Steve got some great photos of the race right at the finish line.

The men’s race was a sprint to the finish. Or maybe they were just racing to get some fried dough.

Ryan Hall making the final kick on his way to the fastest marathon run by an American.

Tuesday Morning we woke up to a chilly, rainy, windy day. We are breakfast at the hotel, lounged around for a bit, and headed to the airport. There was only one photo-worthy happening all day.

At the airport bar, I saw ice cream on the menu. I also saw root beer which can only mean one thing. They brought me a bowl of ice cream in a giant glass and a bottle of root beer so I could assemble my own root beer float. I haven’t had a root beer float in ages, and really don’t drink soda ever, but this really hit the spot. I think the root beer float may have to become a post-race tradition.



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  1. thanks for doing these posts around boston–it has been so much fun to see marathon monday from the perspective of one of the runners!

  2. What a fantastic way to enjoy your Boston accomplishment!! I’m so sorry I have been a poor follower and going to read your other Boston posts. What an inspiration!!

  3. Your whole experience just sounds amazing! What an awesome Boston adventure! CONGRATS, again. 🙂