Luck-O-the Irish

I haven’t been able to post this week because my laptop is on the fritz. It has some sort of virus that has even my IT lovin’ computer genius husband banging his head on the table. Because I love you all, I am coming to you now from my desktop computer which is a huge pain because I don’t have live writer/picasa installed on here.

See? Love.

Last night we had my mom and Joe over for a “Luck-O-the Irish” dinner. You see, every so often we give them the gift of a themed dinner. In this case, it was their Christmas present, and somehow it took almost five months to find a Saturday that worked. In the past, we have done dinners from Cuba, Italy, and Thailand. Each one has been a huge success, and I was hoping that Ireland would be no exception. Really, all you need to know is this:

That, my friends, would be a GIANT chocolate Guinness cupcake with Bailey’s cream cheese frosting. I will let you have a moment…

It almost didn’t make it until dessert time.

It was not easy, but I refrained.

We started things off with a batch of homemade hummus with pints of Guinness for the men. My mom opted to go straight for the wine, and I hate Guinness (unless of course it is mixed with chocolate cake, as you will see), so I opted for a non-Irish beer. I’m pretty sure hummus is not Irish either, but it has never steered me wrong in the past.

Please note my beautiful live lettuce there on the counter. It has roots and is sitting in a bowl of water. I have no idea what to do with it or how to take care of it, but I kind of like it.

For the main course, I decided on a vegan version of shepherd’s pie.

The bottom was made up of mushrooms (crimini & button), carrots, celery, onion, and parsnip. The top is mashed potatoes. Delish!

On the side is Irish soda bread, which was super-easy to make. This version was made with whole wheat pastry flour and raisins. There was also a spinach & strawberry salad that went un-pictured.

Ok, enough about the dinner. We all know I am really here to talk about dessert. I gave Steve the incredibly important duty of slicing the giant cupcake. He is much better than me at not making a mess.

The money shot:

Yes, that is indeed more Bailey’s cream cheese frosting oozing out of the middle. Yes indeed.

Obviously we had to have ice cream on the side. You know, to cut the sweetness.

Cake was enjoyed by all.

The perfect ending to a wonderful evening.



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4 responses to “Luck-O-the Irish

  1. that shepard’s pie looks delish! and of course the mega-cupcake too!

  2. amazing cupcake. I’m dying over it.

  3. omols

    So yummy looking! What recipe did you use for the sheperd’s pie?

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