WI Marathon week

Did I mention that I am running another marathon on Saturday? This will be my third year in a row running the WI Marathon in Kenosha, WI. You may read my recaps of 2009 and 2010 here and here.

This year’s race will be special because I am running with Steve in his first ever marathon! I am excited to run with my hubby side by side for the whole race, that is if I can keep up. My legs are taking an abnormally long time to recover from Boston. I have run a few times in the last couple weeks, and every time my legs have felt tired and heavy, especially my quads. I guess all of those downhills really did take a toll.

Our goal is to run somewhere around a 4 hour marathon. However, the number one goal is just to finish. I want Steve to enjoy his first marathon experience, and to know what it feels like to cover 26.2 miles by foot, seeing as he will be doing it again at Ironman WI this September. Although the marathon during an Ironman is much different from a stand-alone Marathon, it will be good for him to know he can cover the distance.

On Sunday we went to pick up our race packets at a local grocery store. It was really nice that they had a local packet pickup, so we don’t have to drive 50 minutes to the race site on Friday night to pick them up. I had to snap this photo:

Only in Wisconsin can you find cheese samples at marathon packet pickup. The race is billed as “the cheesiest” marathon, and they even have an all-cheese starting corral right up front for racers who sport some cheese in their race-day outfit. Also, there are brats and beer at the finish line. Only in Wisconsin.



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4 responses to “WI Marathon week

  1. Oh YAY. I’ll be there, too, running the half. I’ll keep my eye out for you guys. Did you see the Dailymile meetup thing? (It’s posted on DM somewhere). Have a blast! I love that you get to run with hubby.

  2. I totally want to run that one JUST for the Cheese bling! Unfortunately it’s the same weekend as the Race for the Cure here.

  3. Laura! Wow! You’e running a mary this Saturday?! I look forward to reading your pre- and post race thoughts. GOOD LUCK!!

    I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your advice and comments on my blog. I value your thoughts as such a talented runner. Thank you.