The great outdoors

Today I went from this (taken on Wednesday):

To this:

Pretend that in the above picture I am on my bike riding along a beautiful lake, because that is what was about to happen. I am officially done the bike trainer and all rides from here on out will be done in the great outdoors.


I rode 14 miles around a lake that is close to my work, and oh boy was I feeling it. Bike trainer does not equal road. This particular ride is also extremely hilly, so there was that too. I debated doing two loops around the lake, but by the time I finished the first one I decided that was enough thankyouverymuch.

Afterwards I stopped in the bike shop (the building right behind me in the picture) to see about getting a new saddle. My current saddle was pulled off of my road bike and put onto my tri bike, and let’s just say it is not the most comfortable in aero position. Turns out it was nowhere near the right size for me either. The bike shop peeps were awesome, and spent a good hour with me trying different saddles. None of them felt quite right, but they let me borrow a demo seat that I will try out over the weekend.

I also need new gearing on my bike to be able to handle the hills on the Ironman course. All of this “stuff” is my big complaint with biking. Part of what I love so much about running is the fact that you can just put on your shoes and go, no matter where you are. Of course there are more logistics for long runs like hydration and nutrition, but for the most part it’s pretty simple. To go biking you must air up your tires, find your shoes, helmet, gloves, sunglasses, etc, fill your bottles, and I’m probably forgetting something. Oh yeah, make sure you have spare tubes, CO2 cartridges, tire levers and anything else you may need if you get a flat. And if you do get a flat you must spend time changing said tube on the side of the road. Then there’s the matter of the bike itself. Luckily mine fits in the back of my car without removing a wheel, but it’s still kind of a pain to transport if I am not riding from home.

And with that, I am done complaining. You may wonder why I do triathlons given the above paragraph, and that is a good question. Why not just stick to running? I like that triathlon pushes me out of my comfort zone, and I truly believe it makes me a more well-rounded athlete fitness-wise. There is no question I was in the best shape of my life going into Ironman in 2009, and I plan to be in even better shape this time around. Also, I love training for insane amounts of hours, which is sort of a requirement for Ironman. I can’t run for 15 hours a week without getting injured, but I can swim/bike/run and feel great. Tomorrow I have a 90 min run and 75 min swim, and Sunday is a 2 hour bike. Bring it!

Do you like biking? Have you ever done/considered doing a tri?


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  1. I am SO happy you got to get outside and RIDE!!! You are SO gorgeous!! I love biking and I am considering a half ironman with all the swimming I am doing:)