Grocery shopping owns me

Today’s training was supposed to be a 1 hour bike plus 30 min run. It is in the 50’s and rainy today, so I decided to take a rest day and get a bunch of stuff done. Now I feel guilty. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for taking a rest day when I know my body needs it, but that is not the case today. I am just a wuss who won’t bike in the cold. I could have gone to the gym to complete this workout, but the thought of biking inside made me want to gag. So I made the most of my day inside and was actually very productive.

Things I got done:

  • 5 loads of laundry
  • cleaned both bathrooms
  • cleaned kitchen
  • dusted entire condo
  • vacuumed entire condo
  • mopped floors
  • read book
  • fell asleep while reading book and had a nice little nap
  • grocery shopping

Not bad, right? I did my shopping at Whole Foods today, and I thought I would show you my haul. I love seeing what other people buy at the grocery store. Stalker much?

From the left:

  • yogurt varietals
  • organic cottage cheese
  • organic cinnamon apple sauce
  • organic bananas
  • Three Sisters graham cereal (crack)
  • Justin’s chocolate pb and chocolate hazelnut butter (both on sale for $3 off!)
  • Siggi’s drinkable yogurt (aren’t they cute? on sale and I had a coupon)

  • bulk items: organic millet, raisins, and turkish apricots
  • kombucha
  • organic cantaloupe (on sale for $2.50!)
  • Barbara’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate Puffins (!!!!!)

You may not know this about me, but I used to have a little problem with PB Puffins. I would buy the big box at TJ’s and they would not last long. I was able to break that addiction when TJ’s stopped carrying the PB variety. Sad smile I just couldn’t spend $5 for the small box at WF, so I quit cold turkey. However, when this baby caught my eye in the cereal isle it was all over. The box was in my cart before I even knew what was happening. Any bets on how long it will last?

Not pictured from my shopping trip: big tub of organic spinach, kale, coconut milk, and grapefruit juice. Now I have a confession: when I went into the store I swore I was only going to buy the produce, juice, bulk items, one Justin’s nut butter, and maybe some yogurt. I have been trying to cut down the grocery bill but clearly I have issues.

I have also been trying to eat down the cupboard, not only to save some cash on groceries, but also because we will be moving sometime in the not too distant future, and I don’t want to pack up a bunch of food. Just thinking ahead on that one, since it could very well take a year to get through all of this food. So far progress has been a little slow.

Yep, pretty much still packed to the brim. Help! I just can’t seem to pass up a deal at the store, and I love food. This doesn’t even include my coat closet cereal stash.

Yep, that would be an additional five boxes of cereal, a giant tub of oats, and a box of coffee pods to the left. I’m hopeless.

Are your cupboards packed like mine? Do you have issues with impulse buys at the grocery store?

Do you feel super-guilty when you skip a workout?

I know in the grand scheme of things missing one planned workout is not a big deal, but I still feel bad about it.



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3 responses to “Grocery shopping owns me

  1. omols

    Yum! Your grocery finds look delicious. I have been getting Justin’s Chocolate Almond butter because my WF keeps being out of Chocolate Hazelnut! It’s still delicious though. Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!

  2. Found your blog through PBF, yay for WI shout outs! My cupboard used to look like yours, but like you I told myself start using that stuff up because I’m moving soon! Now my cupboard looks a lot more bare, but I’m holding strong and not buying more stuff to store.

  3. i found you through peanut butter fingers today too! i’m so excited to see so many wisconsin people. 🙂

    my cupboard looks like yours 100%. every time i go shopping i dread putting away pantry items because i know it’s going to be a battle. we don’t have a pantry in our apartment, so the pantry cupboard gets super stuffed.