Sandwich from heaven

Oh yes, I went there. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about this sandwich all day. I believe I thought it up during my 7-mile run this morning. I thought about it all day at work. I thought about it while I was busting my butt to keep up with Steve on my bike after work.

When we got home from riding, it was time. Sunflower whole wheat bread from a local bakery brushed with coconut oil, Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter, sliced banana and cherry preserves, all grill into a gooey drippy crusty slice of heaven. It was everything I had been imagining all day and more. I had some kale chips on the side for a dose of something green and healthy, and the saltiness was the perfect compliment to my perfectly sweet sandwich.

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

I am partial to grilled sandwiches, particularly if they include melty cheese or drippy peanut butter.



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2 responses to “Sandwich from heaven

  1. this. combo. looks. perfect. i love the fact that you brushed it with coconut oil…why have i never thought of this?!
    i love sandwiches. it all starts with really good bread for me…and then what’s in it depends on my mood! i love tons of hummus, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce if i’m in a veg mood…or peanut butter and jelly with BBQ tofu or egg if I’m in a sweet-salty mood…or good old PB&J if I just want to feel like a kid again 😉

  2. Yum, delicious! I remember the first time a friend and I concocted a chocolate panini. We nearly burned our mouths on the hot chocolate because I just couldn’t wait.

    Pretty much anything with hummus on it floats my boat!