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On Wednesday evening Steve and I ran the Superun 5k in Milwaukee. This is a fun weeknight event run along Milwaukee’s Lakefront. Just before the race, I remembered how much I hate 5k’s. They hurt so so much, and though they are over pretty quickly, I’m not sure it is worth the pain. I had pretty low expectations because a) I’ve been training quite a bit lately and my legs haven’t exactly felt “fresh.” b) My stomach wasn’t feeling the greatest, and c) There is a massive hill climb around mile 2.25 that is killer.

As usual, I started out way too fast. The first mile winds through a park and then downhill to the lakefront. 6:31, oh boy. Mile two is flat, and though I was hurting, I was able to settle into a pretty good rhythm. 6:44, more like my 5k pace. Then I made the turn to start up the hill, and I died. The hill is around 1/3 of a mile long and fairly steep. By the time I got to the top I had spent all of my energy. Mile three was 7:39. Ouch. I did my best to not slow down any more on the way to the finish line, and I’m pretty sure I got passed by two women in my age group in the last 1/2 mile.

Official time: 21:59. Not really close to my best 5k time, but not too bad either considering that damn hill. I was so glad to be done, and was pleasantly surprised to get a medal for 4th place in my AG. I was 18/335 females and 110/679 overall. Steve was right on my heels the whole race and finished 7 seconds behind me, a huge PR for him!

The best part about the Superun is the free beer that is served afterwards. It was fun to just hang out with all of the runners and chat over some beers. So I guess 5k’s can be fun, when you disregard the actual running part.

Do you like 5k’s? What is your favorite race distance?

The longer the better for me. I prefer the pain to build up over time rather stabbing me in the gut immediately Smile I also live for the sense of accomplishment after a long race.

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