Biking, biking, and more biking

Today Steve, our friend James and I drove out to Madison to bike on the Ironman course. The course is sort of a lollypop, where you head out in the beginning, do two loops, and head back. Today we did the red loop twice, for about 80 miles in 4 hrs 28 mins.

Here is the elevation:

If you are thinking “wow, that looks hilly,” you are correct. We did the section from approximately mile 16 to mile 96. Though it is an extremely challenging course, it is also really fun. It is beautiful, with lots of farms and red silos and cows and hills in every direction. Though the up-hills are tough, you can absolutely fly downhill, which is awesome. I actually cracked 40 mph today. I didn’t carry my camera on the ride because there was a chance of storms, but we did stop after the first loop to refuel.

I’m sorry I am such a dork, I can’t help it. Overall it was a great ride, though the second loop went slightly slower than the first on tired legs. By the time we finished I was beat.

This was a big training week. I ended up with 179 miles biking, 16 miles running, 2 swims, and all this after racing a half ironman last Sunday and taking Monday off. I am tired, my legs are tired, and I am so happy that this next week is a step-back week in training. One more huge build and then a three week taper before Ironman. I am so ready for this race to be here already!



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2 responses to “Biking, biking, and more biking

  1. Mom

    Hot day for 80 miles of biking! Glad you had fun.

  2. Kelly Hannan