About to get crazy up in here

What a weekend. I tried to soak it up as much as possible, because it was likely my last chance before September 11th. You see, last week was a “rest” week in the training plan. What that means is I only had to work out 8.5 hours instead of 16+. Instead of spending 9 hours of my weekend training, it was spent on the boat.

I truly apologize for that picture. I just wanted to show you that I busted out my 80’s hot pink swim suit and glasses for the occasion.


It was in the 90’s all weekend, and the water in the lake was probably at least 85 degrees. I didn’t even get goose bumps when I jumped in, and I was able to stay in the water for more than 90 seconds without being cold.

Ice cream was involved on Saturday night.


Sunday was a repeat day on the lake. I was able to get in a little water skiing action, although the lake was really choppy so it wasn’t that fun.

And now, things are about to get crazy. Training wise, that is. Today is day 1 of our final three week build, then there is a gradual three week taper. I like this training plan because it builds for three weeks and then has a rest week, so I feel like I can mentally handle it because a break is on the horizon. The last four weeks looked like this:

And volume has slowly been building:

Please ignore the fact that I have only done 2 hours and 25 minutes of strength training in the past two months. Fail.

Just for fun because I am a nerd, I graphed out my training volume for 2011 to date:

Can you tell when Ironman training started? Here is the same graph in total distance instead of total time:

Yep, that about sums it up.

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What was the best thing you did over the weekend?

I would have to say the peanut butter cookie dough ice cream was the highlight! (along with spending two glorious days outside on the boat of course)



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2 responses to “About to get crazy up in here

  1. The best thing for us over the weekend was a visit to Lake Michigan too! Hubs & I had a sans-kids day on Montrose Beach. Love love love that city! Looks like you had a lot of fun too! Wow, your training is wicked!

  2. I love your model pose, personally! 🙂 Best thing for my weekend is it hasn’t stopped yet—get a long 4 day one this time and loving it!