The unthinkable

Last Wednesday night, Steve was hit by a car while biking. He is ok, thank goodness. It seems like cyclists are getting hit left and right lately, so I want to use this post as a reminder to everyone to be safe out there.

Steve was riding south on a heavily-biked road in Milwaukee. A 16 year old male driver pulled out in front of him to turn north. There was a large road construction sign obstructing the driver’s view. Steve was probably going about 25 mph when they hit. He cannot remember anything, but we have been able to piece together what happened by talking to the police and one of the witnesses. Given the amount of damage to the car, Steve is incredibly lucky that he escaped with no major injuries. The windshield had a hole in it from his head, the driver’s side door was dented in, the hood was dented and the headlight was broken. He literally went flying.

I was not home when it happened, and I did not hear my phone ringing right away. When I talked to Steve he was getting a ride home with the police. His bike is totaled. I rushed home and when I got there he was pretty out of it. Pacing back and forth in our condo, repeating things over and over, etc. It took me an hour to get him to go to the hospital. We finally did, and thankfully the CT scan of his head came out ok.

If you are squeamish, probably stop reading now. I took some pictures of his injuries in the hospital.

His eye was all cut up, and he had a super-fat lip. His eye looks about 5 times worse than this right now, it’s all red, black, blue, and green.

His elbow was pretty cut up and bloody. This is what is giving him the most trouble because every time he bumps it against something it is really painful.

His thigh is cut up and really swollen. This also looks a lot worse now because it’s such a huge bruise. It’s turning all kinds of crazy colors. New little sore areas and cuts are popping up each day.

His left hand was swollen like a balloon, and the x-rays are showing a probable fracture in the wrist. He is scheduled for a CAT scan tomorrow to take a better look at it and see the extent of the fracture, because it wasn’t completely clear on the x-rays. Right now he is in a splint wrapped up with an ACE wrap to keep it immobile.

The worst part is that we are four weeks out from Ironman. A new bike has already been ordered, but the race will probably depend on weather he will have to wear a cast or not. He is determined to do everything he can to resume training and do the race, so we will have to see what happens. We were also supposed to leave on a family camping trip yesterday, which is on hold. We are hoping to possibly get up there for a few days on Tuesday.

Things could have turned out so much worse, and I am just so thankful that he is ok. Many people that are hit like this are not so lucky. He was wearing a helmet, which I am completely convinced saved his life. We will be getting him the same helmet again, and I am going to get a new one too. I learned that bike helmets should be replaced every 5 years, so I am overdue.

Please be careful and share the roads, weather you are a biker, runner, or driver. We all need to pay attention and follow the rules to keep everyone safe. End PSA.



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7 responses to “The unthinkable

  1. wow…what a wake-up call to always be a little extra cautious when driving, biking, running – anything! i’m glad he’s okay and, as you said – not hurt more than he could have been. still not a fun thing to go through in the least, but i’ll be crossing my fingers that there’s no fracture/cast needed!

  2. Becky Holl

    Ugh. How terrible! You are so right that things could have been much worse; glad he was able to walk away! Crossing my fingers for no cast!

  3. My goodness, how scary! My boyfriend and I have been having several run-ins with speeding cars not moving over as they pass. Last week a car came within just 6 inches of us. I hope he heals fast and kicks butt in the ironman.

  4. Julia

    Oh no,Laura! That is awful and I’m so glad Steve is okay. How incredibly scary–will pray he is good to go for ironman.

  5. wow. i’m glad it was only the bike that was totaled. crazy. what time of helmet does he have? it’s time to get a new one i think (it’s been more than 5 years for me!)

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