Ironman goals

Time to start stalking the weather for race day!

Sunny and a high of 76. Could it be any more perfect? Let’s hope is stays that way.

I have been thinking about my goals for this race, and I have broken it up into the swim, bike and run.

Goal for the swim: don’t die. I am seriously dreading the swim as I remember how crazy it was two years ago. Recap here. They call it the washing machine for a reason. I have been slacking a little in the swim department this year too. I’ve gotten all of the workouts in, but a lot of them were shorter than they should have been due to my innate ability to procrastinate in the morning and end up getting to the gym with only 45 minutes to swim. I don’t expect much improvement on my previous time. I just need to get through it with plenty of energy left for the day.

Goal for the bike: I know I am capable of taking at least 30 minutes off of my previous bike time. Recap here. For one, I am faster on my tri bike than I was on my road bike, which I used last time. Two, I have done more long rides this year, which will be invaluable. In 2009, I did only one ride of 100 miles and it was on a flat route. This year, I got in a hilly 92 miler, a hilly 105 miler, and a 120 miler on the Ironman course.  I plan to take it fairly easy the first half to make sure I have plenty left for the second. I need to stay on top of my nutrition too. If it is cooler out, I will really have to remind myself to drink.

Goal for the run: sub-4 hour marathon. This will be a true challenge, but I know I can do it if everything else falls into place. In 2009 I was able to run a negative split. Recap here. I need to make sure I go out easy. I have felt really good running off the bike all year, so hopefully that carries over into the race. I am hoping for no stomach issues so I can fuel a little bit more during the run.

Ultimate goal for the race: finish while it is light outside. Sunset is at 7:09, and I figure I have about 15 minutes after than until it actually gets dark. That puts my finishing time goal somewhere between 12:00 – 12:30. Can I do it? You betcha!


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  1. Mom

    Great goals! You can do it!