Ready to go

My bags are packed.

I could not find my detailed packing spreadsheet (nerd alert!) from 2009, so I had to wing it. Let’s hope I didn’t forget something important like bike shoes or peanut butter.

We have fuel for the race. Note the peanut butter on the left. Check!

I have had a cold this week if you are wondering about all of the Vitamin C, Wal-Born (I am too cheap to buy the real thing), and NAC. I have been downing all of this stuff like it’s going out of style and it’s working! I am determined to feel great on Sunday morning.

We are headed to Madison, and I cannot wait to get there and soak in all of the pre-race excitement. If you are interested in tracking us on race day, you can do so here. I am #378 and Steve is #1464. I will try to update from Madison pending the internet situation in the hotel. And we’re off!



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2 responses to “Ready to go

  1. cara

    so so excited for you!!!!

  2. OMG, that is an insane amount of gel but totally warranted. Good luck, lady!!!