Colorama 10k

Today marked the 4th year in a row that I have run the Lapham Peak Colorama 10k trail run. Lapham peak is one of my favorite places to run, and the trails are super-challenging. This year I was joined by Steve, Cara, and James. The race starts out with a mile of pretty much all uphill, which sets the stage well for the rest of the course. It’s the type of race where you know from the start that it’s going to hurt, and it’s going to hurt bad.

I took off pretty fast up the first hill, knowing there was a flat area at the top where I could catch my breath. That first steep hill leading up to mile one is called “Gut Buster.”

Miles 2 and 3 I tried to pick up as much speed as possible knowing that the biggest hill of all was coming up. Starting just after mile 3 is “South Hill.” They really should have given it a better name, like “Never-ending hill of death on which you may puke, crap your pants, or possible die.” You know, something catchy like that. It seriously never.ends. Just when you think things are flattening out, you come around a corner to realize that you must continue going up indefinitely.

By the time I crested the top and started down the steep decent on the other side, I wasn’t sure if my legs could carry me all the way to the finish. The last two miles are like a rollercoaster of steep little ups and downs, all of which hurt like hell at that point. Lungs burning, I pushed as hard as I could to the finish, and was shocked to see that I had taken 2:50 off of my time from last year.

My time of 44:19 was good for 2nd place, which has been my result for three years in a row now. The same girl that won last year won this year in a smokin’ time of 41:48, which is insane on that course.

Normally the post-race treats at this race are awesome, with tables upon tables of homemade baked goods. This year? Nada. Just some apples. And some cake that was really for the kids running the kids race. Cara and I are kids at heart so we took some cake too.

We both won our age groups, so we had to pose with our medals.

Steve and I after the race:

Another awesome race on a beautiful fall day. Man I love fall running season!

Next up: Glacial 50k trail run next Sunday. Yikes!


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