Lakefront marathon day

Today Steve and I were on duty as volunteers at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. We reported bright and early at 7am for finish area set up. Our first order of business was setting up tables in the food tent. Then it was time to unload all of the food from a truck.

There were boxes upon boxes of bananas, oatmeal cream pies, nutty bars, twix, granola bars, pita chips, peanut butter crackers, cheeze-its, chocolate milk, and soda. It kind of made me wish I was running just so I could partake in the junk-food buffet.

Our next task was to unload and organize the 3000 runner drop bags.

They had to be sorted and organized in numerical order so the volunteers could easily locate each one after the race. This took forever and I was glad when we were done.

The food tent was a little short on their own volunteers, so we headed over there to help out for a bit before we left.

We set up the beverage tables and then got to work on opening all of the food and dumping it into boxes so they could be grabbed easily and put into the runner bags.

Being on Twix duty made me hungry, and I had to exercise restraint not to stuff some in my pockets. I just had to remind myself it’s for the runners, it’s for the runners…

Finally after 3.5 hours, we were off duty, so we met up with Cara to watch for her husband Mike near the finish line. Before too long we spotted him about to finish strong.

Mike broke 3:30 which was an awesome PR for him. Go Mike!

After hanging out for a while near the finish, we were famished. Luckily the custard stand down the street was open for their last day of the season. We walked over and refueled after our strenuous volunteer duties. I was so hungry you’d think I ran the marathon. I had a delicious veggie burger with avocado.

And a swirl cone, obviously.

Sorry that picture is so creepy. By the time we walked home I was so exhausted I immediately passed out on the couch for an hour. When I woke up it was still so nice out I couldn’t resist going for a short run. I love fall days like this!

Sun + running + custard + fall = love.


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