Sunday Flapjacks

Our Saturday was lazy. Real lazy. We did get in a nice easy 14 mile run first thing in the morning, so I didn’t feel too bad about the rest of the day. It was spent on the couch reading, napping, and watching movies. (Side note: I finished the book Room by Emma Donoghue and it was fantastic). Finally around 7pm, prompted by BOGO coupons for Qdoba & Cold Stone Creamery and our growling stomachs, we headed out to feed. I could have done without the Qdoba,  but I powered through since it was a precursor to ice cream. Please go to Cold Stone and order the pumpkin ice cream with graham cracker crust and Twix mix-ins. Trust me. We got home and parked ourselves right back on the couch to watch Bridesmaids (OMG!). 

Since our Saturday was spent in the most lazy way possible, I am declaring today the most productive Sunday ever. I hate to admit that our condo has not been thoroughly cleaned since probably several months before Ironman. That puts us back at early summer. Gross? I know. I have no  excuse now that I am not spending 10 hours of my weekend training. I just hate cleaning.

I knew that I would need proper fuel for this endeavor, so I whipped up a special Sunday breakfast.

I used Kodiak Cakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix to make flapjacks. I don’t know how they are different than pancakes, but go with me here. I topped them with peanut butter and apple topping. For the apple topping I heated 1/2 TBSP of coconut oil in a pan, added one chopped organic fuji apple, and sautéed it until the pieces were slightly soft. I then sprinkled in a hefty dose of cinnamon and 1 TSP of maple syrup. It turned out perfectly sweet and delicious.

I am all carbed up and ready to be a lean, mean cleaning machine.

What are you doing with your Sunday?


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  1. Mom

    You’re making me hungry! Hope your day is productive.