Kitchen talk

It snowed last night. I was not pleased.

I made my way to downtown Milwaukee this morning to coach my Team in Training athletes. Though I certainly could have done without the white stuff, it is always kind of fun to run in the first dusting of powder. I ran four very slow miles with the team and then tacked on four solo miles afterwards.

So, let’s talk about our kitchen for a moment, shall we? Let me refresh your memory as to what it looked like when we bought the house.

Dear me, it seems like this was so long ago. As I mentioned before, we were extremely fortunate that my uncle Dennis offered to help us with the major undertaking that was demolishing half of the wall.

Phase one – the wall was opened up and the pipe was discovered. That pipe needed to be re-routed to the other side of the sink.

Phase two – the wall was knocked down. This is looking from the dining room back into the kitchen. We had a gaping hole in the ceiling for quite some time.

Phase three – the frame of the wall was knocked down. This is when it really started to look awesome and feel like an open concept house rather than a series of totally boxed in rooms.

You could finally see from the living room all the way into the dining room. Next, a beam was installed to support the house where the walls were removed.

Can lights were installed and cabinets were disassembled, puttied, primed, and painted (thank you Mom, Sue, Grandma Joan and Beth!).

I slacked on photo-documenting the rest, which included dry-walling, plastering, flooring (side note: I am madly in love with our maple laminate floors. They look awesome and so far have proven themselves to be plenty durable in the face of such a klutz as myself), and painting. Oh, and moving our appliances in. And with that, here is the big reveal of the kitchen as it stands today.

Slightly different, no? Here’s a side-by-side:

A few things still need to be done in here. We need to get a countertop and breakfast bar. The cabinet piece on the right will be painted to match the rest of the cabinets. The baseboard moldings are also not installed yet, and eventually all of the woodwork will be painted white. Here are some before and after’s of the other kitchen angles.

My mom and Joe got us a new stainless steel range hood for Christmas, installation included. I love the wall color we chose, and the white cabinets with the stainless appliances. So clean looking, don’t you think?

And the view from the kitchen into the dining room, complete with our Christmas tree in the background, which is indeed decorated now.

I cannot wait until we get a new countertop and the room is complete. If you’ve made it through this monster post, congratulations! You deserve a cookie, so go eat one. Smile



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2 responses to “Kitchen talk

  1. WOW! You guys are like your very own episode of Property Brothers and I love it. Great work!

  2. Sue Conley

    The house looks fantastic! Quite the transformation! The photo of Dennis’ foot hanging down is great!