Newest family member

Apologies to my family, but this is not an announcement of an impending baby human.


But we do have a new family member in the house! Um, I mean, in the garage.

Oh yes…

Ain’t she purdy? Apparently that is my barefoot running form. Nice.

Steve and I have been wanting a treadmill in a bad way. You see, out here in the burbs it gets shockingly cold at night, so much more so than downtown Milwaukee with the natural insulation that is Lake Michigan. The cold temps I can handle. The resulting blanket of ice covering the roads and running trail every morning I cannot. 

We are no longer a 3 minute drive to the gym, and it’s all I can do to get my run in and get myself ready for work on time without trekking 15 minutes across town and back to run on a treadmill. I know, such  serious problems I face.

Steve found this beauty for a steal on Craigslist. Bought in 2009 and only 68 miles on it. I guess the guy bought it for his wife and then she joined a gym and never used it. Score one for us.

Steve went and picked it up today, and got to work on re-assembly.

My photo-posing skills have rubbed off. I am so proud.

The whole thing came together really quickly and easily. And now we can run in the freezing cold comfort of our garage while staring at the beautiful plywood backdrop. I think I need to plaster some cool running paraphernalia up there to motivate me. 

By the time we were done with assembly and testing out the controls (built in speakers and iPod dock!), I was chilled to the bone. The only way for me to warm up was with a nice big mug of hot chocolate.

By that I mean the mug was half full of hot chocolate and mostly full of peppermint whipped cream. I impulse-bought that can for 50% off  since it was a seasonal item and it was probably my best decision of 2012 so far.

Important question: What should we name the treadmill? Yes, he/she needs a name. Please help.



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2 responses to “Newest family member

  1. Becky

    Love the treadmill. I think the name should be Phillip.

  2. Definitely need a treadmill at the home base in the Midwest! Although this winter has been pretty sweet so far! I got a new treadmill and have hardly used her with the weather so perfect. still trying to name her too… Hmmmm
    Peppermint Whip Cream? How did I miss that one?! YUM