Perfect day for a trail run

I can’t get over the fact that today is January 8th, it was 40 degrees and sunny, and we have had next to no snow so far this year. I love it. With the beautiful weather, I asked Steve last night if he wanted to go trail running today. He was game. We were going to go in the morning, but it looked quite frosty and slick, so we decided to wait until the afternoon to give the sun a chance to warm everything up.

First things first, I fueled up with some delicious buckwheat pumpkin pancakes. I used this recipe, subbing coconut milk with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for the buttermilk. I also added some chocolate chips, because no pancake is complete without them.

I topped my cakes with the usual suspects. Peanut butter, banana, blackberries and maple syrup. These were not only tasty, but incredibly filling because of the buckwheat. Did you know that buckwheat is not actually a grain? It is in fact a fruit seed related to rhubarb. The protein in buckwheat contains the eight essential amino acids, and it is high in fiber and contains a rich supply of flavonoids. Buckwheat has also been found to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. Healthy, delicious, and satisfying!

Ok, back to running.

We set out from Lapham Peak on the Ice Age Trail, planning on a 7 mile out and back run. About one mile in, we reached the Lapham Peak Tower and decided to climb to the top.

It’s quite the view from up there.

Then I saw the cutest thing that made my heart melt.

Say it with me….. “Awwwwwwwwwww.”

After taking in the view for a minute, we continued on our way. The trail conditions were not ideal. It was pretty much either super-muddy or icy the whole way. Despite the conditions, there were a lot of people out on the trail enjoying the day.

We reached the turnaround and headed back after snapping a quick pic.

We finished up just over 7 miles in 1:17, and I only fell once.

This capped off another great week of running for me, with over 50 miles in the bank. Here’s how it went down:

Monday – Treadmill intervals, 8×800 – 10 miles total

Tuesday – 6.7 mile group run, easy

Wednesday – 7 mile group night-time trail run on the same trail I ran today

Thursday – 6 mile group run, easy

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 15 miles, 8:10 average pace

Sunday – 7 mile trail run

Total – 51.71 miles

I just realized that only 2 out of 6 runs this week were by myself, the intervals on Monday and my long run on Saturday. I am loving running with other people, especially in the winter. It makes the time go by fast and is just plain fun.

Do you prefer to run/work out alone or with a group?

I would usually say alone, but with the right company group training is a blast.



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