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I amped up the nutrition in my Dreamsiscle smoothie yesterday by adding as much spinach as I could fit in the blender.

I know a lot of people are turned off by the thought of drinking something this green, but I love it. I can almost feel the nutrients going straight through my veins as I drink it.

After taking a few easy running days, my legs are feeling pretty well recovered from the half marathon. I had a great 10-miler yesterday afternoon through the neighborhood streets, and then an easy 5 miler this morning to loosen up.

So what is next you may be wondering? Ok, you were probably not wondering but I will tell you anyways. This:

I am signed up for the Ice Age Trail 50 mile run and I cannot wait! This run will be 19 miles longer than I have ever run before (my longest race to date is a 50k). After spending 2011 training for Ironman, I am excited to focus on running, running, and more running. If I complete the 50 miles, I will be the proud owner of a finishers belt buckle. Bring on the trails!



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3 responses to “Up next

  1. Christina

    I also love to put spinach in my smoothies and I get that same feeling of the nutrients pumping through my veins haha. It is super energizing, I also like to add some strawberries to smoothies for excellent color and flavor. Good luck on your next challenge! Great post, stop by and say hi 🙂

  2. I love spinach in smoothies – was really surprised initially how well it tasted. Must try your recipe. The Ice Age run looks awesome! I ran a segment of that trail around Janesville once when we were camping.

  3. Laura @ Backstage Balance

    That’s awesome! 50 miles is such an intense sounding distance. And it seems suitable that you get a belt buckle as your finisher’s medal!
    I am also doing the Ice Age race, but the half marathon distance! It will be my first trail race, I’m pretty stoked. Plus it will be cool to see you hardcore 50 miler and 50k runners out there!