Three things Thursday

1. Yesterday I got to have a lunch date with this guy:

He loves it when I take his picture while he is trying to eat.

I got my haircut downtown (soooo far away now that I am a suburbanite), so I took the opportunity to meet up with Steve for lunch since I wasn’t too far from his office. The restaurant we chose, Zak’s Cafe, was perfect because they served breakfast until 3pm along with their regular lunch. I have been thinking about french toast for about a week now ever since I saw this on Pinterest and had to have it.


Craving satisfied. But I will still be making the pb banana version very soon.

2. This week’s episode of Glee made me so happy. MJ for-eva!!


3. I am leaving work early today to go running. There is a running/networking group that meets twice a month to, well…run and network. Basically I am getting paid to run. I should do this professionally or something.

Tell me something about your Thursday. Anything.


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One response to “Three things Thursday

  1. cara

    you get paid for it? If I got paid I’d be there every week! 😉