How did those get in my cart?

I had plenty of energy after fueling up on French Toast Sunday morning to tackle a huge shopping trip to Costco. I got all of my staples, including massive amounts of produce, salsa, eggs, cheese, etc. When I went to check out, imagine my surprise to find that a 3.75 lb bag of peanut butter cups had somehow accidentally fallen into my cart.

Not sure how that happened. So weird.

Oh well. Guess I will have to find a use for 150 nuggets of deliciousness now.

I used them as a comfy pillow last night, don’t judge.

Since I did my Saturday long run on the roads, I knew I needed to hit up the trails on Sunday. I waited until the afternoon when it was 40 and sunny, and headed out to the Ice Age Trail, the same trail that Steve and I ran on a few weeks ago. I made some sweet custom shoes to deal with the ice that I knew would be covering much of the trail.

Old trail shoes + sheet metal screws = cheap ice shoes!

I was so glad I did this, I don’t think I would have made it on the trail today without them. It was a mix of snow, mud, mud soup, and sheer ice. I took it slow and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Afterwards I was caked in mud.

Pretty sure I still have some stuck underneath my toenails. That rounded out a great week of running: 52 miles total, with 14 on the trails.

The remainder of my Sunday was spent in serious food prep mode. I made a huge batch of granola, roasted 3 full trays of veggies, cooked a big pot of quinoa, and baked up some brownie bites for a little treat. I love having all of this stuff on hand during the week, it makes throwing together dinner so much easier.

Around 6pm I realized I was missing the Super Bowl commercials. When I asked Steve to turn it on, he informed me that we do not even get regular TV because we are not hooked up to an antenna. Oh. Bummer. So we spent the night watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Have you seen that show? We discovered it just recently and I am in love. It is very similar to The Office, and Amy Poehler just cracks me up.

Do you usually prep food on the weekends?

Important – tell me how to use up my peanut butter cups. (Besides the obvious straight-to-belly method) Thanks!



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4 responses to “How did those get in my cart?

  1. cara

    chocolate cupcakes with a surprise peanut butter cup in the middle – with peanut butter frosting, of course.

  2. Mom

    Glad to see the Costco card is being put to good use!

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