Sunday in the woods

Since I raced yesterday instead of doing my long run, I decided to hit the trails this morning with hopes of getting in around 16 miles. I met up with some of the guys from my Wednesday night trail running group to run a new-to-me segment of the Ice Age Trail.

It was around 10 degrees when we started, but at least it was nice and sunny. The trail was beautifully snow-covered, so much better than the icy conditions we have had lately. I ran about six miles with the guys before they headed back, and I kept on going for a couple more miles before turning around. I was grateful to run with them since I hadn’t run this area before, and they pointed me in the right direction to continue on. It was such a beautiful day out there I just had to snap some photos.

About 6.5 miles in, I stopped to eat a new flavor of gel, Chocolate Cherry Clif Shot. The “turbo” means twice the caffeine, and yes, it was good.

It almost gives my beloved pb Gu a run for its money. Almost.

The only bummer this whole run was my drinking tube freezing solid within the first mile. I was trying out my new hydration pack, which I loved, but I need to find a way to insulate the tube. I didn’t get too thirsty on this run, but I did stop twice to open the pack and drink directly out of the bladder.

I continued on at an easy pace, just completely enjoying myself.

At my turnaround point, the was a gorgeous view of Holy Hill in the distance.

As the sun warmed things up, the snow started to get a little mushy.

My favorite pic of the day:

This is how happy running made me today. Alone in the woods, surrounded by such beauty, it is hard not to be in great spirits. I finished just a hair under sixteen miles in around 2:47. Upon returning to my car, I immediately refueled with this:

Zico Chocolate Coconut Water and a Chocolate Raspberry Luna Bar, two more new-to-me items. Oh my gosh. Let me preface this by saying that despite my love for anything involving coconuts, I actually hate coconut water. I think it tastes like feet. Yes, I have tasted feet and they taste like coconut water. However, I read that the chocolate version has added coconut cream and sugar, making it similar to chocolate milk. It is hands down my new favorite recovery drink. It tastes great and contains tons of electrolytes to boot. Too bad that bottle was $2.50. I am thinking of ordering a case from Amazon (cheaper) to have on hand for my post-long-run treat. That Luna Bar was delicious as well, I guess I was feeling the chocolate raspberry combo today.

Ah, what a great morning. I think I am going to lounge on the couch for a bit before tackling some cleaning/organizing. Happy Sunday!



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2 responses to “Sunday in the woods

  1. Beautiful. But looks freeeeezing. You said 10 degrees? I don’t think I could do that… so good job!! 🙂

  2. Nice! I love the Ice Age Trail.