Greetings from Snowmass, Colorado!

I realize I have been MIA for the past week, but things were a little hectic with trying to fit in running, preparing for my weeklong absence at work, and getting ready for our annual snowboarding trip.

We left Sunday afternoon, after I squeezed in one last trail run on a beautiful frosty morning.

We flew out of Milwaukee without a problem, and had a two hour layover in Denver before connecting to Aspen. My ice cream radar directed us straight to Ben & Jerry’s at the airport, where I enjoyed a waffle cone with a scoop of Coconut Seven Layer Bar ice cream. It’s a good thing I’ve never seen this flavor at the store, or it would be all over.

We landed in Aspen just a little while before it started snowing, and heard they were closing down the airport shortly after. Thank goodness for not getting stranded in Denver overnight.

Monday morning we headed out to the mountain. Our day of snowboarding started out very unfortunately when Steve’s mom fell on the way down to the gondola while trying to avoid a kid on a snowboard. I saw her tumble forward, her skis flew off, and she was holding her knee. Uh oh. Ski patrol was called and she was taken to the clinic, where Steve’s sister Jamie met us.

Steve and I headed out snowboarding as there was nothing we could do at the clinic, and we waited for an update. Eventually we got the bad news that his mom had a plateau fracture in her tibia and would require immediate surgery. She was taken to Aspen hospital and the surgeon was able to repair the fracture. Luckily she will be able to ski again next year, because at first the doctor was not sure. The whole thing is such a huge bummer.

Steve and I were still able to enjoy what turned into a beautiful sunny day on the mountain. It had snowed on Sunday night, so there was a mix of powder and groomed runs.

We ended the day with the most incredible chocolate chip cookie known to man.

The cookie was so fresh that I had to wait for it to come out of the oven. It was hot, gooey, crispy on the outside, melty on the inside, and 100% delicious.

You can almost smell it, can’t you?


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  1. What an awesome place to live!~