Getting home from Colorado turned into quite the ordeal when our flight from Aspen to Denver on Saturday was cancelled due to high winds. Long story short, all of the flights back to Milwaukee the next day were overbooked, so we ended up driving a rental car all the way home on Sunday. This was the view for many many hours:

Oh, beautiful Nebraska.

We arrived home around 1am on Sunday night after returning the rental car. Not quite the relaxing Sunday full of running, laundry, and organizing I was looking forward to before returning to work on Monday. Ugh, Monday. Copious amounts of coffee were consumed to make it through the day. I am just now feeling like I am caught up on sleep.

Speaking of running (weren’t we?) I am officially in a funk. I thought after a full week of not running a single step, I would be anxious to hit the pavement. I made myself run on Monday morning on 3 hours of sleep and felt horrible. Tuesday I was all packed and ready to go to my group run after work, and I just couldn’t. It didn’t help that it was cold and drizzly, but normally I would suck it up, go run, and feel better for it. I told myself I would go home and ride the bike trainer instead while watching Desperate Housewives (don’t judge). Then I got home and everything was a mess, I hadn’t even unpacked yet, and I was tired. Excuses, excuses. I ended up not working out at all, and of course I felt really guilty about it. I will be attending my group trail run tonight. It is raining today, and I am hoping the messy, muddy trails will be enough of a fun time to pull me out of my exercise funk.

I think as runners we have a hard time admitting when we are in a funk, or just not feeling it. We are expected to want to run all the time, even if those expectations are self-imposed. I know I feel guilty for not wanting to run right now, and I shouldn’t. I know I will get my running mojo back, and hopefully soon since I have a little 50 mile trail race coming up in a few months. I have to remember that it is ok to not feel like running. Now would probably be a great time to try something new, and enjoy some cross training too. Like how that rhymes? Steve and I bought a Groupon to a local rock climbing gym, so I am excited to try that out soon.

In more important news, Tuesday was national pancake day. I celebrated by making blueberry pancakes for dinner. And then again for breakfast today. Really, I don’t need an excuse to celebrate with pancakes.

What do you do when you are in an exercise funk?

Do you feel guilty when you don’t work out?



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4 responses to “Funk

  1. jules527

    Totally normal for runners to have funks, and to feel guilty about it (coming from one who hasn’t run in, um, 7 months:) ) But no worries—it will pass. Don’t force yourself to do anything and I bet you will be back in the saddle in no time.

  2. Goodness, usually when I’m in an exercise funk… I do the worst thing ever – I evereat!! Which of course doubles the problem and I come out 10 lbs heavier!

  3. Cindy

    OMG! I felt that same way on Friday. I did not want to do speed work or actually run at all. I was so happy to see your post. I am a newby, and not a seasoned runner like you, so it was great to hear it happens to EVERYONE! You are my inspiration!
    FYI: syrup day is October 11th.

  4. omols

    Now that I’ve had time to work out more, I do feel guilty when I don’t work out. I had a few times in the past couple months when I felt guilty taking 1 day off out of the whole week! Anyhow this week I was tired now that I’ve started rotations again and I didn’t feel like doing my Thursday run so I just didn’t. But yesterday I ran 9 and felt great so I just sort of take it one day at a time…