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I recently signed up with a local company called Brewers Organics for a weekly delivery of organic produce. I originally purchased a Groupon to try the service, and decided to keep receiving the deliveries to see how I like it. For $27 a week, I receive a “small” box of organic produce every Wednesday (they also offer medium and large), the contents of which vary from week to week. Here are the goods from the first week:

Check out those rainbow carrots! If I know I won’t be home on Wednesday, I can leave out a cooler and they will place the produce inside. What I love about this company is they send out an email every Friday with what will be in your box for the following week. You have until Sunday night to make subs to your order or add on any extras. It is also easy to skip a delivery whenever you need to. I am already set to skip the deliveries around the week we will be on vacation coming up. The variety has been good as well. I like that a lot of the produce is familiar (pears, yams, etc), but there is usually something in there that is new to me. The first week it was bok choy. Another time it was parsnips.

Last week I got a bunch of the biggest collard greens I’ve ever seen. I used some of them to make delicious and healthy wraps. I stuffed the leaves with Mmmm Sauce, tomatoes, avocado, and spicy pinto beans.

All rolled up with a side of apples & sunflower seed butter:

At first $27 a week seemed like a lot, but now I think I am actually saving money on groceries. I rarely go to the grocery store anymore. Steve will sometimes stop on his way home from work for a few things, and I will ask him to pick up an item or two for me. Otherwise I am eating fruits and veggies and whatever is in the pantry (believe me, there’s a lot of food in the pantry). I am absolutely terrible with impulse shopping at the grocery store, so this has been both a time and money saver. I will say that some weeks seem better than others in terms of variety, and a couple of times I got something that didn’t seem to last long in the fridge. I haven’t had to throw anything away, but I have to make sure I use things up quickly. Luckily I am up for the challenge.

Lastly and totally unrelated to Brewers Organics, I have found a source for farm fresh eggs.

One of my co-workers gets them from a lady down the street from her for $2/dozen! I had previously been purchasing organic eggs for over $5/dozen, and I was about to stop because I am so grossed out by the whole industry. Organic does not necessarily mean that the chickens are treated well, and cage free means exactly that. The chickens are not in a cage, but could be stuffed thousands deep in a dark room with their beaks cut off. Sorry for the rant, but it makes me happy to know that these eggs come from chickens who get to run around the farm all day to their little hearts content. And look at the colors, there’s a green egg in there! They also taste way better, it’s unbelievable.

So there you have it. I’ve been eating lots of produce and lots of eggs and it makes me happy.

Do you buy organic produce? Why or why not? 

What about eggs?



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  1. cara

    hmm…i’m intrigued – I have to check out this brewer’s organics!

  2. Where do you Get your farm fresh eggs?