Costco Ice Cream Bar

Back in February my mom and Joe embarked on a three week trip to Hawaii. I talked to her several times while she was off aloha-ing and luau-ing around the islands. Perhaps the most exciting discovery of their trip was the Costco Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bar. Yes, they frequented Costco while on vacation, as some of the places they stayed had a kitchen where they could eat some of their meals. As she described the bar in luscious detail over the phone, I excitedly wondered if said ice cream bar existed at our very own Costco here in Wisconsin. As excited as I was, I was also baffled that I was not aware of the existence of this mother of all ice cream bars. I drooled as she mentioned the vanilla ice cream, the thick layer of hand-dipped chocolate, and…wait for it…the thick coating of chopped almonds. Add the fact that the treat rings up for $1.50 and it seemed too good to be true.

Fast forward to after their trip. I got a call from my mom that she went to Costco and they did indeed have the ice cream bar. Oh joyous day! We made plans to meet there on a Friday after work, but our plans were foiled by a rogue snow storm. Before we had a chance to reschedule our outing, my mom went and did something very silly. She Googled the ice cream bar and found out that it clocks in at a whopping 870 calories. Eighthundredandseventycalories. Oh my. Could an ice cream treat possibly be worth half of a day’s worth of calories? I tried to put it out of my mind.

Fast forward to yesterday. After completing some yard work at our house, my mom and I headed out to do some shopping at Costco. We consumed a fair amount of samples, as we had not eaten a proper lunch. After we checked out, I suggested possibly ordering a frozen yogurt. As we debated the Very Berry Sundae or the simple Twist cup, my mom didn’t seem to thrilled. She finally declared that we should get the ice cream bar to share. Who am I to argue with my mom? I watched from afar as our bar was dipped in rich luscious chocolate and generously rolled in chopped almonds. My mouth watered as my mom placed the bar on the table and handed me a spoon.

We gobbled up the entire bar, that as evidenced in the above photo, was as big as my mom’s head. It was spectacular. Once the bar was gone, the stray almonds picked off of the foil, and the stick licked clean, my mom looked at me and said,

“It was worth it.”


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  1. Chris

    And it was!