Barefoot on the beach

This is the house we are staying in right now.

Too bad it is such a shack. It has five bedrooms and an elevator, no big deal.

I had to attend a conference call for work on Monday morning that finished up around noon, so I felt like I kind of wasted the morning. After I was done, Steve and I went for a run on the beach. Barefoot running on the beach was probably the one thing I was looking forward to most on this trip.

We ran two miles down the beach and two miles back. My favorite was running right in the surf.

Awesome, right? We are planning to go again today. After our run we walked along the beach and found some shells, though there aren’t many around here at all. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, hot-tubbing, and eating, three of my favorite things.

This morning I looked out the window and was greeted with a beautiful view.

I could get used to this.



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2 responses to “Barefoot on the beach

  1. jules527

    um, wow. I’m so jealous!!