Happy day

First things first. Coconut syrup is back at Starbucks. Oh, happy day!

I stopped for my usual post-run coaching soy mocha and was beyond excited when I could make it a coconut mocha.

On my way home I decided to stop at Bed Bath & Beyond because I had a gift certificate that has been burning a hole in my wallet since we moved last November. I wandered around aimlessly, not really finding anything that I just had to have. That is, until I turned a corner and spotted this baby.

Oh yes, come to mama. I have been lusting after an ice cream maker for so long. I used a coupon and my gift certificate which made for a great deal on this beautiful machine. The freezer bowl is already in the freezer, where it must remain for 16-24 hours before I can make ice cream. I cannot wait.

Six days until the Ice Age 50 Mile Trail Race. I am excited and ready and only slightly nervous. This past week was a little rough on the running front. I didn’t feel the best after returning from vacation, which I can only attribute to the lack of sleep and inordinate consumption of food, sugar, and alcohol. My focus this week will be on getting plenty of sleep and eating nutritious foods all week long. Ice cream is very nutritious, in case you were wondering. I ran 8 trail miles yesterday and 8 easy road miles today. My plan is to take Monday off (or maybe run a few super-easy miles), run 6 on Tuesday, and 6ish on Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon I will get a massage to flush out my legs, and I will rest on Thursday and Friday while loading up on good food. That should make everything good to go for Saturday.

Do you have an ice cream maker? Any recipes to share?


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  1. cara

    let me know when you’re having an ice cream party and we’ll stop by. 😉