The good, the bad

The good: My foot is feeling somewhat better. I have been going mostly without the boot since Wednesday, and it has definitely improved from when I first went to the doc.

The bad: It doesn’t feel like it’s anywhere close to running. It is making me crazy and sad. I still have pain especially on the bottom of my foot and it feels like it would flair up in two seconds if I tried running. I see the doc again tomorrow morning so we’ll see what he says.

The good: Summerfest. I got to go two nights in a row on Thursday and Friday, and saw some really good concerts.

Silversun Pickups:

The Foo Fighters:

Kelly Clarkson:


So much fun!

The bad: I had to wear the boot to both concerts, and it was approximately 124 degrees inside that thing. Yuck.

The good: Summer. Boating. Outdoor activities in the sweltering heat.

The bad: The sweltering heat. I don’t even know when the last time was that it rained. Our grass is brown, along with the entire state of Wisconsin.

The good: My brother and his wife are coming into town tomorrow and staying for a week. This makes me very happy and excited.

The bad: none.


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear your foot still isn’t feeling 100%! Hopefully soon 😦

    Summer concerts = awesome. I love all those artists!