Never say never

Once upon a time, there was a girl who ran.

She ran and ran until just running wasn’t enough. She bought a bike and learned to swim.

She trained and trained and one day became an Ironman.

In that time the girl met a boy. The boy did not run or bike or swim. Try as she might, she could not get the boy to exercise.

That boy became her husband, and she realized that he would never run or bike or swim.

Until…he watched her that day become an Ironman.

And decided that he would be an Ironman too. Thus began his journey. They trained together, he became an Ironman, and so did she again.

Though the day was fantastic, she said never again. Too much biking, too much swimming. I just want to run.

And run she did. She took to the trails and didn’t look back until she had run 50 miles all in one crack.

When Ironman sign up day came, the boy was all in. The girl said not me, never again. Yet in the back of her mind she felt a fire that only burned brighter as the day went on. That night, staring at the screen, she was uncertain in how to proceed. The form was filled out, she was one click away. After much hesitation, she caved in a moment of haste. Still uncertain, there was no turning back. Here we go again, she thought. Here we go again.

Never say never.

Ironman Wisconsin 2013, here we come!



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2 responses to “Never say never

  1. jules527

    Love it. Congrats~we are going to be watching next year and I’m excited just for that! 🙂