Colorama 10k

I have mentioned before on the blog that the Lapham Peak Colorama 10k is my favorite race of the year. It’s on my “home trail,” it’s usually great fall weather, and with the hills it hurts in a way no other race I’ve done can quite match. This was my fifth year in a row running this race, and after coming in 2nd place in 2009, 2010, and 2011, I knew I probably didn’t have a chance for 4 in a row. I am still making what feels like a slow come back from my injury, and my speed just isn’t there yet. I was hoping to be within 2 minutes or so of my blazing 44:19 from last year, but I knew it was a stretch.

As soon as the race started I knew I felt off. I actually wasn’t feeling quite right the night before, but I wrote it off as having a busy and tiring week. My legs felt totally fine, but my energy was nowhere to be found. I was having a lot of trouble breathing the cold air, and I felt like I was slogging up every hill. I took off in front, but one woman passed me within the first five minutes, and I knew soon after that I would not catch her.

I did my best to hold a decent pace, but I was hurting. Shockingly, no other women passed me, and my time of 47:47 was good for 2nd place. Again. I know I am being hard on myself and I shouldn’t expect to have my speed back already, but I can’t help thinking that if I could have run within 2 minutes of last year’s time like I wanted, I would have won. This would have been my year. I realize that 2nd place is still pretty awesome, but one of these years I WILL win this race and receive a winner’s plaque instead of an age group medal.


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