2012 Door County Fall 50

This past weekend marked the second year in a row for Team Beer Chasers at the Door Co Fall 50. Last year, we did the 50 miles as a 3-person relay. This year, we added on two speedsters, Cara and Mike. We now had a pretty darn fast 5-person relay team, and expectations were high for a sub 6 hour finish.

Our start time was 1oam, so we got to sleep in a little compared to most races. We made the drive up to Gills Rock for the start, picked up our race packet, and got ready to go.

We snapped a team photo,

And then Cara was off on the first leg.

She got us off to a great start before handing off to Mike for leg 2. The day was already moving right along when Mike came in and handed off to James.

I was up next for my favorite leg through Peninsula State Park. The fall colors were beautiful in the park, and it was shaping up to be a gorgeous day.

Despite stomach problems, I managed my 5.5 mile leg in 7:09 pace. Not too bad, I finally feel like I am getting some of my speed back after a long recovery process. I handed off to Steve and we were almost half way done already. I was originally supposed to run leg 7, which would have given me only 8 miles to recover between my legs. Given the condition of my stomach, I asked James to switch with me so I could rest until leg 9, which would only be 3.1 miles. The day continued to fly by and before I knew it, Cara was barreling in to the finish of leg 8 and it was my turn again.

I took off fast on leg 9, and luckily my stomach was feeling better. I ran as fast as I thought I could hold and my first mile was 6:57. I started to slow down slightly on the second mile, and during my last mile I caught up to another woman who’s team had started 2 hours earlier than us. I thought she would be an easy pass, but as I came up next to her she sped up. She talked to me the rest of the way and pushed me to the finish by basically yelling at me to keep up with her. I gave it my all and ended my leg with a 6:59 average pace. I wanted to thank her for pushing me, but she took off to run leg 10 as well!

Now it was up to Steve to bring us in to the finish. I knew a sub 6 hour finish would be tight, and I was a little worried because Steve had a big blister forming on one of his feet. I hoped it wouldn’t slow him down. The rest of the team went to park at the finish, and then we waited for Steve to come in. We could see runners turn in about a quarter mile from the finish, and we were anxious to see him. With several minutes to spare, we saw him speed around the corner and run towards us like he was on a mission. I knew we had it, and as we all ran it in as a team, Steve didn’t slow down and I could barely keep up. We finished in 5:57:29, a 7:09 average pace. We were 15/373 total teams, and 8/196 in the mixed open division. There were some seriously speedy teams this year.

Afterwards we hung out with some friends who had also run at the post race party where they served free beer and pizza.

And by free beer, I mean lots of beer.

It was all very gangsta.’

Yep, we are total freaks.

In the best way possible of course 🙂



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3 responses to “2012 Door County Fall 50

  1. Chris

    Great teamwork! Looks like everyone had fun!

  2. Super! So glad you are feeling better. Hey, where’s the pink hair???? Back from AZ…….it is cold here……

  3. Laura @ Backstage Balance

    Your ‘gangsta reference made me laugh – I watched Office Space last weekend and immediately thought of the song ‘Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta’ that’s played on the soundstrack. Hilarious!
    Congrats on the relay, it sounds like it was a lot of fun!