3 degrees of trail running

A few weeks back (before I was completely and totally over winter) I was craving a good trail run. There was exactly one morning that week that I could squeeze it in, and it was 3 degrees outside.


I briefly contemplated hopping on the treadmill, but I wanted to trail run. Bad. So I geared up and got out there before I could change my mind. Turns out if you wear the right gear, the cold ain’t so bad.

Ready to go:

And at the half way point of my 7 mile run:

Yes, that is frozen breath on my neck fleece. I always like to see what other people are wearing on their runs, you know so I can add to my wish list. So here’s what I wore in case you’re into that sort of thing:

The North Face Winter Warm Tights

These tights are thicker than a basic tight, and are fleecy on the inside. Once I got going, my legs weren’t cold at all.

I had three layers on the top. The innermost layer was a thin Nike base layer that I have had for years. Next was The North Face Impulse 1/4 Zip Top.

I love this shirt either over a base layer or as an only layer when the temps are 40 or above. And my jacket is The North Face Animagi Jacket:

This is the best running jacket I have ever owned. It’s really light, but the core is insulated and it keeps me shockingly warm as my body temp heats up.

Accessories: I wore a fleece neck warmer that I’ve had for years and originally bought for snowboarding. I also wore these winter runners gloves that you can convert from mittens to gloves as your hands heat up.

I also wore two thin running hats and my trusty yaktrax to help with footing in the snow.

Now, you are probably thinking what the heck is with all of the NF gear, do you work for them or something? Well yes, yes I do. It’s one of the several part time jobs that I currently have to get me through school. And lucky me was able to get all of these things at a steep discount. That said, I will tell you while I love the pants, shirt, and mittens, it is the jacket that I would probably say is worth the retail price. I usually only need to wear one shirt under the jacket, and added the extra one only because it was below 10 degrees.

So while it was stupidly cold and it took me as long to get dressed for this run as it took me to actually run it, it was worth it once I found myself in the woods up close and personal with these guys.

Believe it or not, once I got going I didn’t feel cold at all. It goes to show that with the right gear you can be comfortable no matter the conditions. That said, this past week I reached my breaking point with winter weather, and have lost all motivation to brave the nastiness any more. Last night it was 10 degrees and windy, and I chose spin class over a group run. I am counting the days until the clocks leap ahead and we get an extra hour of daylight in the evening. To me that means spring is coming for real. 18 and counting…



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2 responses to “3 degrees of trail running

  1. Mary Kebbekus

    Welcome Back!! Even though I cannot run, you motivate me – thank you. I am a big freezycat – wear this a lot: http://www.idahomountaintouring.com/product/smartwool-smartwool-neck-gaiter-7826.htm?gclid=CPrpv5n1xLUCFcdDMgodwGIAsQ
    mmmmmmm toasty!

  2. I just found your blog this weekend when looking for pictures of the Trailbreaker Half Marathon. I am so excited to read a Wisconsin runner’s blog. Many blogs I read are from warmer weather locations whose authors do not have to deal with winter running and training. I can’t wait to get caught up on your past posts! So far I’m loving what I’m reading! Thanks for the inspiration!