Back to the beginning: 4 Weeks

(I have a bunch of posts drafted from before we told the world (aka the interwebs), and I will share some of them to bring everything up to speed. Initially I was doing weekly updates, but I don’t think I will bore you with all of them. This post was written at 4 weeks, right after we found out the news)

So let’s back up to the beginning, shall we? The week of October 21st, two days after…ahem…going unprotected, I noticed that I was incredibly thirsty. Like could.not.stop. drinking water all day and all night. I also became a raging insomniac. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my throat feeling like I was on a desert island, slam water, pee, and then proceed to be wide awake for the next hour or two. Not like me at all. I have always had a problem with waking for the day well before the crack of dawn, but never such wideawakeness in the middle of the night. The worst part was that by Wednesday, I went to make my morning cup of coffee and the smell was off. It didn’t have that magical aroma that I am used to in the morning, and it tasted just ok. (the horror!) The thought that I might be pregnant did cross my mind, but after some internet searching I determined it would be much to early to have any symptoms and tried to kind of dismiss the thought so as not to drive myself crazy. Later that week (around Thursday night) I realized that my incredible thirst had subsided a little bit, and attributed the whole thing to the WI weather becoming cold and dry.

Fast forward to the following Friday, November 1st. Throughout that week I had several more nights of insomnia, and was thirsty again on and off. Seeing as I was scheduled to leave for a ladies weekend in Door County (where I was planning to consume copious amounts of wine), I figured I should take a test just to rule it out and be safe. I bought a test that is supposed to tell you 6 days before your missed period if you are pregnant. Since I was 4 days out, I was pretty confident it would be accurate. I peed on the stick Friday morning, and after waiting 3 minutes was only left with one pink line. Negative. I was admittedly a little bit disappointed (we were not “trying” but I had built up the excitement of the possibility in my head). Oh well I thought, at least I can drink a ton of wine this weekend as planned. And I did (sorry baby!).

I got back from Door County Sunday night, and good old Aunt Flo was supposed to come on Tuesday 11/5. I am very regular, so on Tuesday when I started cramping right on schedule I was sure she was gracing me with her monthly visit. But Tuesday came and went, and nothing. Weird. Then Wednesday came and went. Very unusual. I decided if she didn’t make an appearance by Friday 11/8, I would test again. So on Friday afternoon I peed on another stick (good thing I bought a multi-pack), and almost immediately it was positive. Holy crap. I was at home, by myself, and I knew I had to leave for work before Steve would be getting home. I was kind of beside myself that I would have to get through an entire shift at work as the only person in the world that was privy to this very exciting news. Somehow I did, though I couldn’t think about anything else the whole time.

When I got home, I was so nervous to tell Steve. We were not trying for this, in fact I have been trying to convince him for the past several years that he would in fact love to have a baby. He never bought it, and was still slightly rooted in the no babies camp, though I could tell recently that he was starting to crack 🙂 When I told him the news he just stared at me. I finally had to say, so are you going to say anything?  He said he didn’t know what to say. Poor guy was in shock. He wasn’t upset as I feared he might be, which was a relief. Then he asked if the test could be wrong. Ha! I said I don’t think they turn falsely positive very often. He then googled if the test could be wrong (it could). I told him that the test was not wrong, I was now four days late and the test went from negative the previous week to positive today. I decided he needed a little time to let the news sink in, and sure enough by the next morning he said he was already warming up to the idea. Saturday after work I took one more test just to be sure, and again it was positive.

Baby is the size of a poppyseed.

Symptoms: Thirst. I am so thirsty all of the time. If I don’t keep drinking water I sometimes start to get a headache. The insomnia is a little better this week. I am sleeping mostly through the night but still waking up before 5am for the day. Ugh. By 8pm I cannot keep my eyes open if I am sitting on the couch. Also, some cramping that feels like my period is coming but a little lower. I googled this and apparently it is common as the uterus starts to stretch.

Cravings: None really. My beloved coffee it back to tasting like the black gold that it is, and I am enjoying one single cup each morning. I did have a sudden craving for Corn Chex which I had to buy. Also I was in the grocery store and saw a tub of rice pudding that I immediately had to have. So random, and this was before I even knew I was pregnant.

Exercise: I am still running and swimming, and my goal going forward is to do some type of exercise at least 5x/week. I am keeping my runs all easy, and my comfortable easy pace right now is 8:20-8:30/mile. I know this will slow down significantly, so I am trying to enjoy it while I can. Last week (before I found out) I was able to easily hold 7:15-7:20 pace, so obviously my running is not affected yet. I am going to make a conscious effort not to push the pace, and learn to be content with running easy 🙂 I also plan to start some light strength training to keep some sort of muscle tone.

What I’m looking forward to: Telling my family. I don’t have a concrete plan for that yet, but I’m sure it will be sometime in the next week.



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2 responses to “Back to the beginning: 4 Weeks

  1. congratulations! what wonderful news!

  2. jules527

    God I love this. Reading pregnancy posts from you is like an awesome dream!!! I’m so excited for you, girl.