Weeks 5-7

Sorry for the horrible photos. Originally I was going to take photos each week wearing the same thing and standing in the same spot. Then I realized that they look horrible and stopped after 10 weeks. I don’t feel like going back and editing them, so there. Pretty big difference from 5-7 weeks in the bloating department, huh?

I am going to recap the weekly posts 3 at a time to bring us up to speed.

At 5 weeks I was still comfortably running at an 8:30 pace. I managed 5 workouts (4 runs and 1 swim), but decided that I had to stop going to masters swim because the workouts were too intense. I was finding myself breathless in the pool which was not cool. Then nausea hit around week 6 and (along with the cold weather) zapped any and all motivation to work out. I found out during these weeks that it’s a slippery slope for me when it comes to exercise. I feel like I have a built-in excuse now if I don’t feel like doing it. Of course I will listen to my body, etc, etc…but it’s too cold outside is not a valid reason to skip exercise in favor of planting my butt on the couch and eating caramel corn. We have a treadmill for goodness sakes, and a bike trainer, not to mention a gym membership. However, I will also say that it is really hard to find the will to get a workout in when I feel like crap, am tired, and it is cold outside. I have had to learn to let go a little bit and realize that it is ok to skip out on exercise if I am not feeling up to it. It does not mean I am just being lazy. Also, coming off of a year of pretty intense training for Ironman WI, I think my body might be ready for a little break.

As for symptoms/cravings, I was still super thirsty, and still not sleeping well at night, thus a walking zombie during the day. I didn’t have any particular cravings, but in general a food could sound really good to me one day and make me want to hurl just thinking about it the next. Annoying to say the least, and I’m sure a good deal of food got wasted during this time. Week 7 I was so nauseous all week that I pretty much lived on crackers, cereal, pretzels and peanut butter.

We told Steve’s family at 5 weeks, mainly because we were together with them for our niece’s baptism and it seemed right. Of course they were excited, and ironically enough this baby will be due on July 15th, the same day that our niece Aiva will turn one.

At 6 weeks, we surprised my mom by stopping over on a Tuesday night unnanounced to deliver a cute little onesie that says “Grandma’s Little Peanut.” I’m sure she will be pleased that I am posting this pic of her in her PJ’s. Hi Mom!

The next day at lunch my mom pulled out the onesie to show to my grandma, and much excitement ensued. I also called my dad, brother and aunt with the news. We told the rest of my family that weekend at a wine tasting with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Oh, the agony of watching everyone around you sipping on sample upon sample of luscious red wine while nursing a bottle of water. This was only made up for with a trip to Pizza Man afterwards where I miraculously felt good and was up to devouring some artichoke a la mode pizza. Mmmmm…..


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  1. Bloating! Ha! You are so funny! I hope you feel better soon. You’re only going to get cuter as your body changes. Good to take it a little easier now. I love the saying, “I might look lazy, but I’m very busy on the cellular level.” This totally applies to you right now!